Prescott "We're In A Good Spot"

This bye week break is valuable in its way, Dak Prescott agrees. “It comes at such a valuable time after a good little stretch right there. But we’re ready to go, I mean we wouldn’t mind playing another game if we could.”

Call it the ‘when you’re hot you’re hot’ principle then. And no wonder the Bulldogs would welcome the chance to keep rolling out on the field and playing somebody. Because what quarterback Prescott calls a ‘good little stretch’ is perhaps the greatest three-game stretch of football in Mississippi State memory. A trio of victories against teams with top-ten rankings has pushed Prescott’s program to the top of the national rankings for the first time. Ever.

Still, their schedule is undeniably open for this week. So the Bulldogs will take advantage of both these few working days assigned by Coach Dan Mullen; then go catch their collective breath for a six-game stretch which offers opportunity for greater things.

How great? Oh, such as playing for the Western Division title and a berth in the SEC Championship Game. And at the same time strengthening Mississippi State’s status for the four-team national playoffs. Then there’s Prescott’s own rise to prominence in both conference and country. The league’s Offensive Player of the Week, again, he has already produced 23 touchdowns (14 passing, 8 rushing, even one receiving) and nearly 2,100 yards himself.

That’s more offense from this Bulldog quarterback in half-a-season than many Mississippi State teams netted in entire years. No wonder then at mid-way of the 2014 campaign his name pops up first in most preliminary (very much so) predictions for the Heisman Trophy.

It’s a compliment of course but Prescott prefers attention go to the entire Bulldog ball club for now. “I know we’re in a good spot. We control our destiny from here out. So we’re right where we wanted to be, and what we had planned going back to the off-season. Just continue to stay focused, we have a whole ‘nother half of football.”

Which also means a whole half-season in the books, too. A 6-0, 3-0 SEC worksheet is perfect in and of itself. But Prescott sees a far-from-perfect performance to date, whether from himself or the entire team. So Mullen and staff had everyone addressing those items during today’s practice and probably still some of Wednesday’s work.

Or as Prescott called it, “Really this first half scout ourselves, see the things we need to get better on and concentrate on those. And then tomorrow and Thursday we’ll worry about Kentucky, get a little head-start on the game.”

If they like, State players can watch the Wildcats in their road game at Louisiana State this Saturday. But nobody is under orders to tie themselves to the TV either. It’s a free weekend after all. Prescott himself said he will spend the weekend visiting a friend in Georgia. “A little Six Flags or something!”

Come to think of it, that makes mid-season sense. Because the second half of this 2014 schedule sets up as a really entertaining ride for #1 Mississippi State, with a team trip to Atlanta on the ideal itinerary.

The full video of Prescott’s Tuesday interview follows.

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