The Adams' Family Tree Has Solid Roots

To say it runs in the family, would be an understatement for the Adams family of Brandon, Mississippi. Lonnie Adams has seen three sons grow into star athletes at Brandon High School and then earn scholarship offers from college programs. With two sons already playing major college athletics, Lonnie is a high school graduation away from the trifecta.

Fletcher Adams, the youngest in the Adams family trio, verbally committed to Mississippi State recently. With Fletcher's college destination set on Starkville and the #1 Bulldogs, Lonnie Adams can take a moment or two to reflect on the amazing things his sons have accomplished on the athletic playing fields.

When asked if he might be the proudest father in the Magnolia State, Lonnie replied with a smile, "Absolutely, I couldn't be any prouder.

"We have always been an athletic family. They grew up around ball. Baseball, football, basketball and all of it, that's all they ever knew.

"It guess it's just always been in their blood."

Tyler Adams, found his college future on the hardwood and elected to take his talents to Georgetown once his high school career was complete.

Despite being the first to leave the nest, Adams' departure did not cause the disruption that some might expect when their first child leaves home.

"It was actually pretty easy to be honest with you," said Lonnie of Tyler moving off to school. "Tyler grew up playing AAU basketball.

"He was always traveling and he was always going out of town. He's even been overseas.

"It really wasn't a big deal for him, nor for us. We were all sort of accustomed to it, so it was a pretty easy transition really."

Just over a year later, Nelson was headed off to the SEC to chase his college football dreams.

With his sights set on the pigskin, basketball fell by the wayside as the future Bulldog prepared for the rigors of interior line play.

"All of my kids played several sports, but as they got bigger they sort of figured it all out for themselves," explained Lonnie. "I never had to tell the to quit this or focus on that or anything like that.

"They knew what it was all about. It just came from teaching them.

"We played a lot of ball at home. For the longest, I never really knew anything about rec. ball.

"I just did it on my own. They just knew and they learned how to play everything.

"They figured out what they wanted to play and they just worked for it."

Nelson is now making a contribution on the Bulldogs' defensive line as just a sophomore. His accomplishments are not a surprise in the least to his father.

"Nelson knew at a young age that Mississippi State is where he wanted to be," said Lonnie. "He told me as soon as he got to high school and figured out that he may be able to play college ball, that he wanted to play at Mississippi State.

"He is where he wants to be and when you're where you want to be, you're probably going to succeed."

Nelson is expecting his younger brother, Fletcher, to join him next fall in Starkville as a member of the Bulldog defense.

Fletcher announced his decision to verbal commit to Mississippi State just last month. It is a decision that appears to please his father.

"I am tickled to death. I am. I'm elated," said Lonnie with a smile. "I have always been a Bulldog fan, my whole family has. With Nelson already being up there, and he and Fletcher are pretty close, I couldn't ask for anything else, man."

With his college decision made, Lonnie believes Fletcher is playing the best football of his career.

"He has always had a real, real high motor and he got things done strictly off of that," said Lonnie. "Now I see where he is able to think about the game more.

"He's just becoming more skilled at it. He is using more technique. I am glad to see him progress in that area."

With so much going on with Fletcher being an on the go teenager, Nelson having the demands of being an SEC student athlete and oldest brother Tyler a plane ride away, it is a big deal when the Nelson brothers can be together and just be a family.

Lonnie Adams reports that those are some of the best days of his life.

"It's nice when we get to do that," said Lonnie. "We just act crazy and try to have some fun.

"I just love being able to have some time when we can just all be together and be a family."

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