Thomas Talks Bulldog Future

In just over two months, Memphis-Central standout Deddrick Thomas will have his bags packed as he leaves home to begin his college future at Mississippi State. As an early graduate, Thomas will be able to get ahead academically and get the benefits of going through spring practice on the college level. The talented wide out is enjoying thinking about what the future may hold for him in Starkville.

Deddrick Thomas profile

"Things have been going good and I've been working hard," said Thomas. "We've been playing pretty well. I haven't been getting a lot of stats, because I have been hurt a lot this year.

"I have been playing decoy a lot this year at receiver, but I'm getting better."

Now on the mend, Thomas will be moving around a bit more on offense.

"They just moved me back to quarterback," said Thomas. "I am a lot healthier now and I can throw it, so I just want to do what I can to help the team keep winning."

Speaking of winning, Thomas has enjoyed watching his future teammates ascend to top of the college football polls.

"Man, it's so exciting right now," said Thomas. "I am so excited about them being #1.

"I have been to some of the games down there and every time I go it's louder and louder.

"I can't wait to get back down there.

"I have been sitting in the stands behind the bench and you get to see how they do things.

"I am excited about being out there next year."

Thomas reports that he remains in touch with his area recruiting coach Billy Gonzales a good bit as well as the rest of the Bulldog staff.

With his team now winning and drawing national attention like never before, Thomas feels a great deal of pride.

"I just want to tell people that I told them so," said Thomas with a laugh. "I knew that they were going to have a great team this year and it's been a lot of fun to see all of this happen.

"I knew I made the right decision when I picked Mississippi State, but things look even better now.

"I am excited about getting up there and building on what they are doing this year."

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