ScoutTV: Harrison Moon

Mississippi State is working hard to reel in some talented offensive linemen for the 2015 signing class. Signal Mountain, Tennessee standout Harrison Moon joined the Bulldog fold during the June camp sessions. Moon appears to be blossoming as a senior in all aspects of his game.

Harrison Moon made the move inside after playing tight end the past couple of years.

Moon blocks down on several plays and is able to clear his man from the running lane.

Moon missed on a couple of cut blocks as the defensive player elected to try another gap. Moon bounced right back up and looked for someone to hit.

In pass protection, Signal Mountain has a pretty basic approach. One some plays Moon is not engaged by a defender, but when contact occurs he is able to use his feet to keep his man safely away from the quarterback.

The biggest thing that stands out about Moon is his size. He was he biggest player on either team and his wingspan is impressive.

Moon also has good ankle flexion that allows him to get all of his spikes in the ground while in his three point stance.

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