In-Person Eval: Gibson/Mixon

Nick Gibson and Keith Mixon faced off last night in what turned into a tremendous game. Keith Mixon reeled in a touchdown pass, ran for a score and recorded a 99 yard kick off return for a score. Nick Gibson had three touchdowns of his own all coming on the ground including the game winner.

Keith Mixon
Shades Valley High School

Mixon rarely lines up in the same place twice. Shades Valley likes to move him around and create mismatches. Mixon plays hard with or without the football, which is a great trait for a guy who is expected to get a lot of touches. The defense would never know where the ball is headed based on Mixon's actions at the snap.

Mixon is very elusive in the open field and his ability to change direction on the fly is pretty remarkable for a high school player. When lining up in the backfield, Mixon has a great initial burst and can jump cut from one hole to another rather easily.

When in the open field, Mixon is going to win the footrace just about every time. Even when players have the angle, Mixon has the ability to make them miss.

His ability to get back up to full speed after making a cut is real weapon.

As a pass receiver, Mixon shows very good hands and the ability to use his body to shield defenders when the pass is less than perfect. While not an overly precise route runner, Mixon is capable of running by defenders and into open territory without a lot of resistance.

Mixon's big play ability makes defenders play with more caution, which leads to even more opportunities. The defense gives him room in hopes of containing him rather than stopping him.

Nick Gibson
Pinson Valley

Gibson has the ability to be an every down back on the college level. He can be a workhorse and is capable of carrying the ball 20 plus times a game without wearing down. As the game went on last night, Gibson simply got stronger.

He hits the hole extremely hard and is able to get up to full speed rather quickly. Gibson shows no aversion to running in traffic and is able to power through arm tackles. Pinson Valley runs him between the tackles and works him outside on the toss. Gibson plays with a lot of effort and he is able to pick up extra yardage most plays because he falls forward.

Tenacity is the name of the Gibson game. He plays hard every play and he hits the line looking to score on every touch. He tries to extend the play and sometimes it would be better to simply lower his shoulder and power ahead.

Shades Valley got him outside and into the pass pattern early in the game on what looked to be a wheel route. The play was called back due to a hold, but Gibson still beat his man by about ten yards. He had to turn around and wait for the football and still waltzed into the endzone without any resistance.

Gibson is a closer and that may be his best quality. When his team had to have a play, he made it for them. No matter the down and distance, Gibson ran hard and did his best to move the chains. With the game on the line in the second half, his coaches put the game on his shoulders and he led the team to victory.

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