Gibson Talks Big Wins for His Teams

It is among the most worst things in all of sport. When a player from either team goes down on the field with an apparent injury, a hush falls over the crowd. The last thing fans from any school want is to see a young person hurt. Such was the case on Friday night, as Pinson Valley running back Nick Gibson laid on the playing surface after falling awkwardly.

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"When I trucked that guy, another player's helmet hit me in the knee," said Gibson. "It hurt real bad at first, but I feel a lot better today.

"My mom and grandmom told me it got real quiet in the stadium when I was hurt, but I thought they were just trying to make me feel good."

Gibson reports that he is a little slow moving around today, but that he will be good to go Friday night.

"It's just a sprain," said Gibson. "I don't have any tears or anything. It's still sore and a little swollen, but I am going to be fine.

"Coach (Dan) Mullen called to check on me. He heard I got hurt and he wanted to be sure I was okay."

Gibson ran for three scores on Friday night against Shades Valley in a game Pinson simply had to have.

"That was big for our season," said Gibson. "We felt like people were overlooking us and already expecting them to win.

"You usually have your senior night for your last home game, but they scheduled senior night against us. We felt disrespected by that.

"We knew they were going to be dealing with the distractions with all of that, so we felt like we could get the win and we did."

Gibson was especially effective in the redzone and on short yardage from the Wildcat formation.

"Coach likes to do that when we get close to the endzone," explained Gibson. "He trusts me to get it in and I do my best to do that to help the team.

"I like running out of the wildcat. We bring in a lot of our big guys from defense too, so we can win at the line of scrimmage. All of that squatting and extra lifting pays off when we get down there."

While he spent most of Saturday with some ice on his ailing knee, Gibson was able to see his future team, Mississippi State, earn a hard fought road win against Kentucky.

Gibson reports that the game was entertaining, especially for a future Bulldog running back who got to see Josh Robinson rush for a career high 198 yards.

"I thought they played really well on offense," said Gibson. "They went up there and did what they had to do and they got the W. I am so excited about how the season is going and I will be at the game this weekend when they play Arkansas."

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