Sallach Pleased with Production

The Mississippi State offense is predicated on mismatches. A versatile crop of Bulldog tight ends has done their part to cause stress to their opponents this season. Tight end coach Scott Sallach reports that his group has some work to do, but he is pleased to see the guys in his meeting room make a positive contribution to the team's success.

"I think they're playing really well," Sallach said of the tight ends. "It's a unique position. It's not like running back or receiver where you can look at a stat sheet and say so and so had a really good game. You can look at how many yards he had and how many catches he had.

"It's a unique position, because you can play really, really well and nobody outside of the locker room or the meeting room knows that you preformed at a high level.

"Malcolm (Johnson) has preformed at an extremely high level, but I am not sure how many people know it. The important people do, but I don't know how many others do."

Sallach reports that he spends a lot of time reviewing film on his guys to be sure that they are on their assignments on and away from the football.

"The ultimate thing is getting your job done," Sallach explained. "I told the guys after the game on Saturday that they didn't play their best, but they played well enough to win.

"Ultimately, you have to play well enough to win your assignment, win the play and win your job. I am always looking to be sure that our guys to their 1/11th to help the team be successful.

"I take a lot of notes on what we need to do this better, and we need to do that better, but we did well with this. We excelled with this and we have to work harder on this.

"I look at the won/loss thing as an individual. Did we eliminate our guy from the play? Did I get myself open on that route even if the ball wasn't thrown to me.

"Did I do my job and do what I needed to get done."

Three Bulldog tight ends have found the end zone this fall, a reward for doing often thankless work that does not show up in the boxscore.

Sallach believes that the group is coming into their own, but that the success they have had on the field and in film review is by product of simply working hard.

"As a coach you feel good when your group does well, because that's your contribution to the team's success," Sallach said. "Your guys were asked to do something and they were able to get done what Coach (Dan) Mullen wanted done.

"A touchdown is something that everybody gets to see. People get to see them having success.

"Against Auburn, one of Malcolm's best plays was on a 3rd and 12. He caught a pass and kept a drive alive. It was one of his best plays of the day, but I am not sure how many other people knew it.

"You feel really proud to see that, because you know the work you put in for the team to be successful is paying off.

"On a more personal note, you can flip everything around and know that everybody in that locker room works hard.

"When you see them have success and you see the emotion and the joy that those guys get out of getting the reward for their hard work it makes you feel good. You like to see guys get rewarded for their hard work, because that doesn't always happen in this game."

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