Love Looking to Make Plays

The Mississippi State secondary has been a hot topic most of the season. The Bulldogs are among the league leaders in interceptions, but some untimely plays down the field have plagued the unit throughout the season. A missed tackle last week led to Kentucky's first score. This week the Bulldog defensive backfield is focused on limited those type of momentum changing plays.

"We are just trying to go out an execute the game plan," said Love. "Arkansas is a tough opponent. We need to go out there and do what we're used to doing.

"We just have to execute and be sure we're making plays."

Arkansas is known for their ability to run the football. Alex Collins and Johnathan Williams are two of the league's most talented runners.

Love reports that it can be a difficult task to get one of the Razorbacks big bruisers on the ground single handedly.

"They're very tough," said Love. "We have to gang tackle. We have been practicing that all week. You have to gang tackle and then the next guy has to try and get in there and strip it out."

The Arkansas offense is a run heavy scheme, but just when a team gets focused on the run a play action pass can find its' target down the field.

"They have a lot of eye candy," said Love. "They run the ball so much, that they try to catch you off guard and hit you deep on a big play.

"You have to stay keyed in and we have to make the play if it comes to us."

There have been several plays this year where a Bulldog defender has been in position to make a play against the pass, but has not been able to close the deal when the time comes to play the ball.

Coaches Tony Hughes and Deshea Townsend have been drilling the ball skill drills most of the year.

"We are working on that in practice," said Love. "We just have to go up and make the plays. We're either going to make it or they are. Hopefully we're the ones making the play." The Bulldogs are 7-0 and ranked #1 nationally. With that high praise, comes a high level of scrutiny. The pass defense has surrendered some big yards throughout the season.

Love believes the Bulldogs most complete game is still to come.

"We're a good group," said Love. "We just want to go out every Saturday and compete. We always want to make plays. You can't get too get caught up in the hype. You just have to come out each weekend and play your best."

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