Palmeiro’s Main MSU Memory: “Just Winning”

Rafael Palmeiro has been back to campus several times since moving on from his all-star career as a Diamond Dog to a, well, an even longer and greater All-Star career in Major League Baseball. Usually though the Mississippi State great has kept the profile low so as to enjoy the trip.

This time is different. And in his own words, special. Because Rafael Palmeiro has returned to for a very special reunion of his greatest college. He and much of the 1985 Mississippi State team has gathered for a 30-year reunion, which began Friday evening with a reception and informal dinner. And they were joined by Diamond Dogs of many more generations too, including the most recent alumni.

Saturday everyone will be at Dudy Noble Field for afternoon activities around a practice by their 2015 heirs. And the ’85 club will be introduced along with Coach Ron Polk during the first quarter of Mississippi State’s game with Arkansas.

In the first of a two-part interview with Bob Carskadon of MSU, Michael Bonner of the Clarion Ledger, and Dawgs’ Bite, Palmeiro talks about seeing many old teammates for the first time in two decades or more; changes to the campus; following the 2013 team during their College World Series run (“I thought they were going to win it!”); how the 1983 and ’84 teams were in his mind as good or better than the legendary ’85 ball club; and being ranked #1 when his junior season began.

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