Palmeiro: “I Think Championship Is Coming”

During Friday evening’s reception and informal dinner for the 1985 Diamond Dog team, as well as members of many other squads over the years, Rafael Palmeiro graciously gave a few minutes to Bob Carskadon of MSU Media Relations, Michael Bonner of the Clarion Ledger, and Dawgs’ Bite.

In the second part, Rafael Palmeiro talks about the difference in losing a college game and a pro game; where the Mississippi State program is headed; his own experience in being recruited out of Miami; thoughts about the proposed new baseball stadium and how it will compare to a AAA-type park; and some accidental audio of Bostonian Bonner beginning to talk about the time Palmeiro signed an autograph for him as a teen-ager.

Unfortunately the recording stopped before Palmeiro talked about how tough hitting in Fenway Park was, compared to his favorite venue of Yankee Stadium. But it sure was fun to listen to.

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