Prescott, Bulldogs Grind One Out

Dak Prescott and Mississippi State did not play their best game of the season on Saturday night against Arkansas. The Razorbacks took Texas A&M to overtime, fell to Alabama by one singe point and took #1 Mississippi State to the final minute. An exhausted and anxious Davis Wade Stadium crowd could finally exhale once Bulldog corner Will Redmond ended the Arkansas comeback with an interception.

Much of the talk all week long centered around the health of Mississippi State's talented signal caller. In a protective boot once again last week, fans and media alike wondered openly just how mobile the talented dual threat quarterback would be against Arkansas.

In the post game, Prescott was quick to praise Arkansas for their efforts in the hard fought contest that went the way of the Bulldogs 17-10.

"That's really a good team out there," said Prescott. "They are a great defense, well coached. They really don't do anything wrong. You can't catch them in the wrong spot. Props to them. They played a heck of a game tonight."

With the game tied at ten, Prescott was able to find sophomore standout wide receiver Fred Ross wide open. Ross has eluded a Razorback safety and found himself completely alone behind the defense.

"We had to make a play," said Prescott. "The O line did a good job, held up. I just kind of got out of the pocket and Fred Ross did a great job of getting open. Maybe that's a Heisman moment for Fred Ross, but I didn't do too much then.

"They went to man coverage and the safety came down on Fred. He beat him off of the initial move and I had to get out of the pocket and buy a little but more time, so I could get the ball to him without getting hit from behind."

The 68 yard touchdown strike put Mississippi State ahead for the first time on the evening. The extra point gave the Bulldogs a seven point lead that they would never relinquish.

Arkansas certainly game to play scoring a field goal on their opening drive and then cashing in on a short field gifted to them by a muffed punt by true freshman Jamoral Graham.

Graham's miscue was far from the only Bulldog error. Eight Bulldog penalties and a pair of interceptions tossed by Prescott had the visitors from the Natural State thinking it may be their night.

"The first one is as bad as it gets," said Prescott. "I was just trying to place and the ball and be too perfect with the ball. I was trying to put it high to Bear (De'Runnya Wilson) and it just came out wrong and came out high and sailed over his head.

"The second one, I never saw the guy. He did a good job of getting underneath the curl route. I never saw him and I threw it right to him. I don't think they get any easier than that."

After a three turnover first half, the Bulldogs were able to settle down. Prescott reports that the intermission was more about emotional adjustments than play calling.

"We just had to relax," explained Prescott. "We knew it was going to be a good game and we knew it was going to be a good team.

"Although, that we were down, we weren't worried about it. We just wanted to come out the second half and just play our offense."

State battled back to tie the score with a 37 yard boot from Evan Sobiesk, who has made five consecutive field goal attempts under 40 yards.

Admittedly, the Bulldogs won an SEC game without their best play, but as Prescott explains sometimes a great team has to grind one out even when they are playing beneath their own abilities.

"That means a lot and its good for the team," said Precott. "It's good for everybody to fight adversity.

"Going down 10-0 and then having to come back and fight is the type of game we needed to have and to get the win on top of that. Anytime you get a win in a tight game like that its good."

While the Bulldog offense struggled to find any sense of rhythm early on, the Bulldog defense did their part to limit the Razorbacks and keep Mississippi State in the game.

"They responded real well from last week's game," said Prescott. "They gave up ten points and then shut the down for the rest of the game.

"There were a lot of third down stands and a big fourth down stand. Them getting the ball back for us to go score was huge too."

It took some time, but the offense got on track and scored 17 straight points to win the game. Prescott credits the team's preparations and film review for knowing what to expect when the Bulldogs had the ball.

"They don't do too (many) complicated things on defense," said Prescott. "We knew we would have some success in the passing game.

"They don't really do anything wrong on defense. There in their right spots and everybody has good eyes."

Despite trailing by two scores for the first time all season, Prescott reports that there was never any panic in the Bulldog huddle.

"We weren't worried," said Prescott. "We know that we're a high powered offense. We can score at any moment. We just have to relax and do your job.

"We are one play away from scoring every time we go out there."

In the end, the Bulldogs made enough scoring plays to secure their fifth SEC win on the 2014 campaign and advanced to 8-0 overall.

Some may suggest that the most recent win in the Bulldogs' impressive 11 game winning streak would not win any beauty contest, Prescott is not worried about any style points.

"A win is a win," said Prescott. "I don't care. As long as we get the win, I don't care if it's by one point or how many ever. It doesn't really matter to me, as long as we're winning."

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