Coman Learning SEC Ropes

Kivon Coman and Beniquez Brown grew up together and starred at Florence High (AL) on the high school level. Mississippi State provided the pair with the chance to continue being the dynamic duo they have always been. Both players have earned a fair share of playing time this fall. Coman is working hard to join Brown as one of Mississippi State's most dependable defenders.

"Its been good," said Coman of his chance to play this year. "I look up to all of the older guys. They set the standard and I am trying to live up to that."

Coman is part of the Bulldogs' 1B defensive unit that has shown some flashes of greatness, but also struggled at times with consistency. Experience is the best teacher, but Coman reports that the group can do some things better this year.

"We just have to communicate better," said Coman. "We have to run to the ball. We have to read our keys and play our keys, have good eyes and play hard."

One great resource for Coman has been real life and Bulldog family member Beniquez Brown. The rising star at linebacker has proven to be a solid leader of the Bulldog defensive efforts.

"I feed off of him," said Coman. "If he does something good, then I feel like I need to do something good. I feel like he's becoming the voice of the defense. He almost always knows the play that they're about to run before they run it.

"I believe in him and I trust him. He really helps me."

By the same token, Brown reports that his experience in Starkville has been enhanced because of having Coman here to aid in the fight for SEC supremacy.

"It's exciting playing beside him," said Brown of Coman. "We've been together through little league and high school and now we're here together.

"We always said we wanted to go somewhere together and work hard to be part of something great.

"He really pushes me. If I miss a play, he comes up and says something and I do the same for him. We both work hard to help each other be better.

"There may be a day that I'm not feeling it and he will come up and tell me that we need to get it together.

"We help each other like that and we just want to work hard to get better every single day."

Brown reports that he and cousin Kivon have had a lot of support from back home. Every time they get the chance to head back to Florence, Alabama friends and family are eager to hear about Mississippi State football.

"It's exciting, because we have people coming up and asking us questions," said Brown. "A lot of them back home were Alabama and Auburn fans, but now we have them all pulling for Mississippi State.

"They're all proud of us and of our accomplishments. It's exciting to hear all of that, but we know we have to keep working on the task at hand."

The pair had the chance to attend some other SEC programs, but elected to stick together and cast their lot with Dan Mullen's Bulldogs.

Now ranked #1 in the country, it appears that the talented tandem made a good decision for themselves.

"I love it here," said Coman. "It's a family here and when I say family it really is a family. You can ask anybody for anything no matter what it is or where it is and they are always there for you.

"I am just trying to do my part and help the defense. I want to get better at everything I do. I want to be better in coverage and avoid eye violations. I want to make a contribution to this team and help us continue to be successful. Everything is working out for us right now. We just have to keep working hard."

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