Martin Talks Bulldog Offer

Cornerback Justin Martin is making the most of his second chance at Northeast Oklahoma A&M. Martin elected to enroll at junior college as high school senior in hopes of making his major college football dreams come true. With well over a dozen scholarship offers, Martin appears to have chosen wisely.

Justin Martin profile

"I knew after my senior season of high school that I wasn't going to qualify," said Martin. "I didn't see any sense in just staying in school just for prom.

"I decided to drop out and get my GED and then go on to junior college.

"I got a head start on everything, so I will be able to graduate in the spring. I will still have four years to play three on the next level."

The three remaining years of eligibility make Martin a priority target for programs looking for an immediate impact in pass defense next season.

Earlier today, Martin picked up an offer from Mississippi State. The opportunity in Starkville got his attention.

"I hadn't heard anything from them until yesterday," said Martin. "People had been asking me if I had heard from Mississippi State. I hadn't, but that changed yesterday.

"I got a message from them on twitter and we just messaged back and forth. I got on the phone with them today and they offered me."

Martin reports that the offer caught him a little off guard, but he likes what he has seen from the Bulldogs.

"They are the #1 team in the country, so that's a big offer," said Martin. "I have been doing some research about them since I got off of the phone with them.

"They have a great program and a lot of great corners have from out of Mississippi State."

The Bulldogs are one of several programs in pursuit of the Atlanta, Georgia native.

"It seems like everybody is on me now," said Martin. "I haven't set up any visits yet, but they all want me to visit. I will start thinking about all of that pretty soon.

"I am just taking my time with everything and doing my research. You only get to go through this once, so I want to enjoy it."

The chance to play early is a big part of the decision making process for Martin, but the need to belong will be a big part of things.

"I am looking for a family," said Martin. "I want to go somewhere that really is a family and people look out for each other.

"I don't want to go somewhere and things change after you get there. I want to go to a school that shows me how they really are in the beginning and they all stay the same once you get on campus."

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