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Devon Bell never expected to miss time as Mississippi State's punter and kick off specialist. During pre-game warm ups, a routine kick turned into an ailment that sidelined Bell for a couple of weeks. Bell reports that he now has a clean bill of health and is happy to be back on the field.

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"I feel really, really good," said Bell. "I am starting to get back into everything as far as kicking goes. My groin is feeling fine. Punting doesn't hurt at all. I am just happy to be back."

During Bell's unplanned absence from the line up, true freshman Logan Cooke filled in admirably.

"Logan is an awesome guy," said Bell. "He is going to be an awesome kicker once he earns the starting position here. He has a lot of potential and he works hard every day. He brings his A game to practice every single day. He's an even better person. He's just a genuine guy and his parents are great people too."

Bell bought into the promise of the early Mullen years. Now a few years into things, the Bulldogs are in the thick of the national title race.

The Vicksburg, Mississippi native reports that there has been no magic formula for the Bulldogs' success this season.

"It's like Coach Mullen has always said," said Bell. "If you buy in and work hard on the little things, then you can build a championship level program if you keep working hard.

"We all bought in and this is where it's brought us to."

The Bulldogs are currently the #1 team in all of college football in every poll taken. Some have suggested that having the target on their backs the past two weeks may have been a bit of a distraction.

Bell reports that the team is loose and confident heading into this weekend's homecoming date with Tennessee-Martin.

"It's a lot less stressful this week," said Bell. "We are still focused on the game this week though. We may not be playing a top level SEC team this week, but we are preparing like we are.

"We don't talk about all of the media attention and things like that in this complex. We just let other people do all of that talking.

While Bell is locked in on what Mississippi State has coming up, the Warren Central alum looks forward to duck season and the post season for his WCHS Vikings.

"It's been really impressive," said Bell of the Vikes regular season. "They fell a couple of times, but they very easily could be undefeated. Coach (Josh) Morgan has done a great job.

"My senior year wasn't our best year, but I knew they had the right coaches in place. I just felt like if everybody bought in and worked, then they were going to be in a good position. It's a lot like what we've done here at Mississippi State."

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