Morrow Part of a Big Play Night for MSU

While the beginning of the play was less than perfect, the end result of Dak Prescott's 55 yard pass to Joe Morrow was a thing of beauty. Despite a mishandled snap, Prescott carried through with his play fake and threw a strike up the left hash into the waiting arms of Morrow who rolled into the end zone. The scoring strike also ended the day's work for Prescott as Mississippi State rolled to 9-0.

"I'm blessed. I'm happy it came," said Morrow of his touchdown grab. "You just wait your turn and it will come to you. It was a go play and the safety left the middle of the field wide open."

With the ball in flight, Morrow had to get on his horse to ensure that the highlight quality play was one that resulted in points for the Bulldogs.

"On the sideline, Coach (Dan) Mullen said that 'it looked he over threw you a little bit. Lucky you can run'," said Morrow. "I said I still got a little something left in the tank. I can get it."

The Bulldogs and their Heisman candidate behind center, Dak Prescott, have received an increased level of scrutiny as their national profile has increased.

Morrow reports that he is not worried about his quarterback and that he stills sees #15 as the Bulldog's leader.

"(Dak) played great just like he does every Saturday," said Morrow. "He comes out there, he's fiery, he's emotional. He gets us ready to play. All that matters is wins and losses.

"Dak is going to come out and play his game and he's going to make sure everybody gets the job done."

Prescott was not the only quarterback making news on Saturday. Dak may have been the headliner, but former Bulldog quarterback Dylan Favre was another story of interest for Bulldog players and fans a like.

Favre took most of the snaps in the 45-16 set back, but was easily the most sought after Skyhawk in the post game.

Morrow and Favre, both products of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, shared a few words after the final horn sounded. Some of those words, while good natured are not meant for public consumption.

"I wish I could tell you on camera, but I can't," joked Morrow of Favre's parting comments. "I told him that I missed him. I hadn't seen him in a while. We exchanged numbers, hopefully he still remembers mine. We just need to get back together again.

"Before the game, I could tell he flashed me a little salute sign and I flashed him one back. I knew he was there looking at me and it was good to see him again. It's been a while."

Mississippi State is now 9-0 for the first time in school history. While the 2014 season continues to be one for the record books, Morrow is more concerned about the future rather than these Dogs' place in Bulldog football annuls.

"I am not really worried about that," said Morrow. "As long as we keep winning, I will be happy. I don't like to lose. Nobody likes to lose. I just like to win."

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