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Mississippi Gulf Coast CC OL Martinas Rankin has visited Oklahoma. Before Rankin puts pen to paper next month, he plans to take four more trips. Mississippi State and Ole Miss are expected to play host one weekend, but two other spots remain up for grabs with Ohio State now a possible visit location. Despite the talk of more excursions, two schools lead the pack.

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"We ended the season a couple of weeks ago," said Rankin. "I don't think we're going to go to a Bowl game. That wasn't what I wanted, but life goes on.

"I am just trying to finish up strong in the class room and get ready to handle my business next month."

In December, Rankin plans to announce his college decision and sign the paperwork necessary to transfer to the school of his choosing in January.

"I have been to Oklahoma and when I think about that visit, I feel good about them," said Rankin. "I am going to Ole Miss for the Egg Bowl, but I don't have anything else set up for sure yet."

Rankin is in the process of deciding where to go this weekend.

"I just got off of the phone with Dan Mullen from Mississippi State," said Rankin. "They want me to either come in December or come this weekend when they play Vanderbilt.

"I was supposed to go to Ohio State this weekend, but that might change. If that trip falls through, then there is a good chance that I will be in Starkville this weekend."

The Mendenhall, Mississippi native has been open throughout the process about taking his time and being deliberate in his decision making process.

"I am still going to take my time and see what all of the schools have to offer," said Rankin. "I am not sure what I want to do yet, but I have a couple of schools I could see myself going to.

"I would say that the in state schools, Mississippi State and Ole Miss, are a little bit ahead of Oklahoma. Those are my top three schools, but I am going to take all five visits before I do anything.

"I have visited Oklahoma and I know that's a good place. I am going to visit Mississippi State and Ole Miss and then I will see where else I can go before I make my decision.

"I plan on making my decision after my last visit and then signing in December."

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