Bulldog Player Participation For 2014 Season

Ten games into the season, Mississippi State has settled into a ‘core’ group of personnel that play every game. A total of 42 have gotten on the field every game, and there are 14 Bulldogs who have started all contests of 2014.

The cumulative game participation for this season at Mississippi State follows, with the primary players first and a handful of others who have seen action in various games. (*--started last week; Games Played-Games Started):

*WR De’Runnya Wilson 10-8, CB Will Redmond 9-0, *SS Jay Hughes 10-9, *WR Jameon Lewis 7-6, *CB Jamerson Love 10-10, WR Fred Brown 10-2, *TE Malcolm Johnson 10-9, RB Nick Griffin 10-2, WR Fred Ross 10-1, *S Justin Cox 9-8,

RB/KR Brandon Holloway 10-0, QB Damian Williams 5-0, S Kivon Coman 10-0, *WR Robert Johnson 10-10, *RB Josh Robinson 10-9, LB Zach Jackson 9-0, *QB Dak Prescott 10-10, WR Joe Morrow 10-0, S Deontay Evans 10-1, TE Brandon Hill 10-0,

TE Gus Walley 9-0, *LB Matthew Wells 10-10, ST Jahmere Irvin-Sills 6-0, *CB Taveze Calhoun 10-10, SS Kendrick Market 10-2, ST Deandre Ward 10-0, ST Quadry Antoine 8-0, ST Brandon Wells 3-0, CB Tolando Cleveland 10-0, RB Ashton Shumpert 9-0,

WR Gabe Myles 10-3, DS Winston Chapman 10-0, MLB Richie Brown 10-0, P Devon Bell 8-0, PK Evan Sobiesk 10-0, K/P Logan Cooke 6-0, *LB Beniquez Brown 10-10, LB/ST Christian Holmes 10-0, ST J.T. Gray 3-0, LB/ST Dezmond Harris 6-0,

DE A.J. Jefferson 10-0, *DE Ryan Brown 6-6, DE Torrey Dale 8-0, *LB Benardrick McKinney 10-10, *OT Justin Senior 10-10, ST Archie Muniz 10-0, OG Jamaal Clayborn 3-0, OG Devon Desper 8-2, *C Dillon Day 9-9, *G Ben Beckwith 10-10,

*G Justin Malone 9-9, ST Cole Carter 8-0, OG Kent Flowers 6-0, *OT Blaine Clausell 10-10, ST Rufus Warren 10-0, KR Jamoral Graham 8-0, TE/ST Darrion Hutcherson 10-0, DL Nick James 10-0, *DE Preston Smith 10-10, *DT Kaleb Eulls 10-10,

*DT P.J. Jones 10-10, DE Nelson Adams 10-0, DT Chris Jones 10-0, DT Curtis Virges 10-0, DE John Harris 4-0.

Regulars who did not get in the game at Alabama were: Antoine, Clayborn, Dale, Flowers, Graham, D.Harris(out-inj), J.Harris, Irvin-Sills, B.Wells.

Other Dogs who have played infrequently are (GP-GS): ATH Hunter Bradley 3-0, RB Bennie Braswell 1-0, LB Kelan Chairs 4-0, ST Rashun Dixon 1-0, PK Westin Graves 3-0, TE B.J. Hammond 1-0, ATH Tyrel Miller 2-0, WR Javous Nicks 1-0, ATH Boderick Oliver 3-0, OL Nick Proby 1-0, OT Jake Thomas 2-0, ATH Kareem Vance 2-0.

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