Griffin Looks Back on Bulldog Career

Nick Griffin has seen the highs and lows of college football during his five years on campus at Mississippi State. Coming back from two major knee injuries, Griffin has worked hard and has nearly finished the race. This Saturday, the Perry Central product will play his final game at Davis Wade Stadium when the Bulldogs host Vanderbilt.

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"It's been a long journey, but it flew by pretty quick," said Griffin. "I am glad we're making history my senior year. I am really thankful for that."

With a win on Saturday, these 2014 Bulldogs will be the first Mississippi State team to win 10 regular season games and will finish with a perfect 7-0 record at home this season.

The Bulldogs are still in the hunt for some major accomplishments, but Griffin will reach a major personal milestone next month off of the field.

"I graduate in about three weeks," said Griffin. "My degree will be in Kinesiology. I am real blessed and real fortunate.

"I am the only person in my family to ever have a full scholarship to a college and I am thankful for that and I wanted to take full advantage of that."

Griffin plans to put his degree as well as his experience as a major college student athlete to work once his football career is finally over.

"I want to do something with sorts, like a sports administrator," said Griffin. "I hope to be an athletics director some day. I would like to coach and train a few people. I want to do a lot of stuff."

The redshirt senior has some wisdom to share with up an coming student athletes that they should find beneficial.

"I would tell all of the young guys that it's not all about football," said Griffin. "It's really important to go to college and learn as a person and develop as a man.

"You need to take it all seriously and take your school work seriously. You have to get your grades and get your degree. That's what you're really here for."

Griffin was considered the top rated running back in the state of Mississippi as he completed his senor year at Perry Central High School. He elected to attend Mississippi State because of the relentless recruiting efforts of Coach Tony Hughes and the vision of Dan Mullen.

"Coach Mullen really sold me," said Griffin. "I liked that he was a young coach and he had a lot of new ideas. He was full or energy and charisma and I really liked that.

"I thought that he knew what he was talking about and I wanted to be a part of everything he was doing. He made me feel like Mississippi State was on the rise."

Griffin and his fellow five years seniors will leave Starkville with five winning seasons and five bowl appearances. No other Mississippi State class can claim that distinction.

"This is really just the foundation," said Griffin. "This is only the start of things. The program is only going to go up from here."

During pre-game introduction this Saturday, Griffin will take the field with rose in hand and join his family on the field to be recognized for his contributions to Mississippi State football.

#7 has not allowed his mind to wrap itself around the finality of that moment yet.

"It still hasn't just hit me yet," said Griffin. "This is going to be my last game in Davis Wade, but that just hasn't hit me yet. I know it's going to be emotional for me.

"We have some more games to play after this one. We are all still hungry and I would say a little angry. We are going to use that as motivation to win out the rest of this season. We want to take care of Vanderbilt this week and TSUN next week and then whatever the future has for us, we will be ready for it."

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