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Despite being committed to South Alabama, Lackawanna College tight end Julian Allen took an official visit to Mississippi State this weekend. Allen reports that the visit went extremely well and that he is eager to hear back from the Bulldogs to see what his opportunities will be in Starkville.

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"I had a great visit," said Allen. "This was my first time being around a big time program like that and I loved everything about it. Just being around the facilities, the players and the coaches, you really get a sense of how it is down there.

"I just like how they do things and how they made me feel welcomed there."

An official visit on a game weekend is a little different experience for prospects. Unlike the January visits, the prospects get to see what happens behind the scenes before and after an actual game.

"I got there on Friday and since it was the day before a game, we didn't get to go see much of the night life or anything like that," said Allen. "I went to watch them practice and you could just see how fired up they were.

"They were coming off of a big loss to Alabama, but they were fired up and ready to get back on the field.

"Since they had a game on Saturday, I got to see what all they do on gameday and all of that. It's impressive.

"You see these guys on TV every week and you feel like they're superheroes. When I got around them, I realized that they are just like me. They get up and go to practice and go to class everyday just like I do."

Allen reports that the Mississippi State gameday experience was something unlike anything he had personally witnessed.

"The atmosphere was crazy," said Allen. "The fan support there is incredible and they are so loud. They have the cowbells and all of that and the crowd is just part of the game. It's great to see all of that. They are all so into the game and they really make a difference.

"I wasn't surprised that they won the way they did. Coach Mullen and I were talking on Friday about how they wanted to make a statement this week. I could just tell on Friday during the walk through that they were going to win big. I wasn't surprised at all with the final score."

Before heading back to Pennsylvania, Allen had the chance to sit down across the desk from Coach Dan Mullen and talk about the future.

"We talked about an offer and they are looking at some things and going to get back to me in a week or so," said Allen. "It's Thanksgiving this week, so I might here something pretty soon. It might be next week though.

"I know there interest in me is genuine, because of what Coach Mullen said. He's coaching one of the top teams in the country, if not the top team in the country. He's a busy guy and he's not going to waste his time on me if he's not interested in me.

"He told me that he wasn't going to waste my time either, because he knows I have to make a decision in the next few weeks. He told me that he's going to look at everything and let me know what is going to happen, so that I can know what my situation is going to be.

"I really like it up there. Coach Mullen and Coach (Scott) Sallach have been talking to me for a long time, so if they offered me that would be really big for me."

Allen is a December graduate and will be able to enroll at his school of choice in January in time for spring practice. The Pennsylvania native will have three years to play two on the four year level.

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