GPTV: Jonathan Calvin Season Footage

Mississippi State has been one of the top teams in the country when it comes to getting pressure on the quarterback. The Bulldogs look to keep that momentum going heading into 2015 with the addition of Co-Lin standout defensive end Jonathan Calvin. See footage of Calvin in action in his video presentation.

Jonathan Calvin has a real blue collar appeal to him. He plays with a tremendous amount of effort and can be found making plays down the field and in backside pursuit when the action flows away from his side.

Calvin shows a variety of techniques and is not just simply a bull rusher blessed with a strong first step. When Calvin is able to get outside leverage, he can blow right past the tackle and collapse the pocket. He plays a lot at the seven technique, but has the size and strength to line head up with a tackle and play some five technique.

He does a great job of freeing himself and then getting to the quarterback. Calvin is a very disruptive player who can affect the play even if he does not make the tackle. On several occasions, Calvin was just shy of recording the sack, but was able to force an errant throw.

Pursuit is the name of the game for Calvin who plans to enroll in Starkville in January in an effort to learn the scheme and compete for reps as a junior next fall.

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