Mullen Pays a Visit

Keith Joseph Jr. picked Mississippi State over several other schools and has remained steadfast in that pledge throughout the recruiting process. Earlier today, Joseph was able to visit with his area recruiter, future position coach and Bulldog boss, Dan Mullen.

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"I had such a great day today," said Joseph. "Coach (David) Turner came to the school and then Coach (Brian) Johnson and Coach (Dan) Mullen showed up," said Joseph. "We visited at the school and then Coach Johnson and Coach Mullen followed us home to visit some more."

Joseph reports that it was a little surreal having Dan Mullen sit in his living room to talk football with the Joseph family.

"Coach Mullen and my dad were telling all of these stories and I just tried to listen," said Joseph. "It was so much fun and it was all so interesting. I enjoyed visiting with them and hearing everything."

Joseph also heard some things about his future role within the Mississippi State football program.

"They want me to stay at defensive end," said Joseph. "Coach Mullen said that he is not really concerned with how much I weigh when I get there, but he wants me to be in shape, be flexible and be able to move.

"He said that he wants me to come in ready to work and to be the best that I can be. He said he wants all of us to stay on top of our grades and do all of the things that we need to be doing."

Joseph will take his official visit to Starkville the weekend of January 16th, but he will see plenty of future Bulldogs next week in Montgomery, Alabama.

"I am going to the All-Star game next week and I am excited about all of that," said Joseph. "It is going to be fun being around everybody.

"I have been working hard to get ready. Ever since the season ended, I have been working out and going to conditioning two days each week/ Once this all star game is over, I am going to be in the weight room a lot and just getting ready to head up to State."

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