Team Mississippi: Malik Dear

Murrah superstar Malik Dear spent last weekend at Mississippi State. This week, Dear is spending the week with several players bound for Mississippi State next year. Dear will already be there to greet them. The four star talent will be enrolling at Mississippi State next month as an early high school graduate. This week is all about fun though as Dear hopes to lead the Magnolia State to a win.

Malik Dear profile

"It's fun and competitive," said Dear of All-Star practices. "There is a lot of learning today since it's the first day, but this is all fun to me."

Dear reports that he knows several of his All-Star teammates, but finding some chemistry can be challenging for a group looking to come together in just a few short days.

"All of this is a good experience for everybody," said Dear. "It's really about learning.

"These are some of the best players in Mississippi, so we can learn from each other. We just need to all come out here and work hard and learn as much as we can to be better."

Last weekend proved to be a learning experience for Dear as he officially visited Mississippi State.

"That was the best time I have ever had at Mississippi State. I really didn't want to go home," explained Dear. "Dak Prescott was my host. It's crazy being around him.

"I just hope I can be like him when I get up there."

Dear reports that he sees nothing but great things in the future at Mississippi State.

"The season was cool," said Dear. "I feel like some of the pieces we are bringing in next year as recruits are important. I believe we can bring in and do some big things and bring a national championship to Mississippi."

Dear is preparing to join the Bulldog fight in just a few weeks, but he admits that the idea of being on a college campus next month is still a bit surreal.

"It still hasn't really just hit me in my heart yet, but I am ready for it," said Dear. "Coach Mullen told me to come up there with a work hard attitude. He said it doesn't matter what all I have done before. When I get there, I have to start over."

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