Thomas Set to Enroll

Memphian Deddrick Thomas has known his college destination for most of the year. Last week, Thomas put pen to paper and signed his grant in aid paperwork clearing the way for enrollment at Mississippi State next month. Thomas had a ceremony at his high school surrounded by friends, family and others who have helped him along the way to major college football.

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"I got real emotional," explained Thomas. "I didn't expect it to be like that, but I looked around the room and I just saw all of those faces. I saw some of my teammates and I got to thinking that I would never see some of them again. We would never play together again.

"It just sort of hit me about how blessed I was to have this opportunity to keep playing and to be able to go play at Mississippi State. Most people don't get this kind of opportunity.

"I saw all of those people looking back at me and I just realized how many of them help me make my dream of playing college football come true."

Thomas is set to enroll for the spring semester on Starkville in just a few weeks, the talented wideout reports that he is mentally preparing himself for living on his on for the first time.

"I know that the first month is going to be tough sometimes," said Thomas. "I will have to take care of myself and just start becoming a man. I won't have my mama to do a lot of things for me anymore. I will have to do most everything for myself. I am excited about it and I know it's something I will have to get used to."

The three star standout had the chance to get a taste of his college home last weekend when he officially visited the Mississippi State campus.

"I had a great visit and I loved everything about it," said Thomas. "I think the best part of it was going to Coach (Dan) Mullen's house. I didn't know that we were going to do that.

"His house is just so big and they made everybody feel at home. We were out there playing basketball with the coaches and just forming a bond. I had a great time there."

One of the pick up game participants, Will Redmond, was also Thomas' host.

"I already knew Will since he was from Memphis," said Thomas. "When I was a freshman, he was a senior and we played against each other. He had to hold me in a game once and he got a big hit in on me.

"It wasn't funny back then, but we laughed about it a couple of times this weekend.

"I really had a good time up there and I can't wait to get back up there and get to work. I feel like we have the chance to have a great team again next year and maybe we can get into the playoffs."

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