Decision Approaches for Rankin

Mississippi State was the third and final school to host Mississippi Gulf Coast CC offensive lineman Martinas Rankin on an official visit. Rankin plans to announce his decision on Wednesday, so the Bulldogs were working hard to make Rankin's last visit his most memorable one.

Martinas Rankin profile

"I had a really good visit," said Rankin. "I got to be around a lot of the players and spend time with them. That was really one of the main things I wanted to see during the visit. I wanted to see how I got along with everybody and I wanted to see how I fit in with those guys."

Rankin had the chance to see how he fit in with potential line mate Rufus Warren.

"I didn't know him from before, but we clicked right off the bat," said Rankin. "We talked about everything and we just had a good time.

"He told me about what the coaches are like and what all they do up there. He told me that Coach (John) Hevesy is going to be hard on you and that he is going to push you to be the best, but that you can still go and talk to him. He said that he is going to expect a lot from you, but that you'll love him as a coach."

Rankin reports that he got to see more of the campus than he has seen in some of previous visits.

"I got to see everything and I got to spend a lot of time with the coaches and players," said Rankin. "It was a lot different than when you come in for a game. I got to see them practice and I got to see how the coaches coach and all of that.

"It was a good visit. It was everything I expected it to be."

Before returning to Mendenhall, Mississippi to compete his final deliberations, Rankin spent some time with Dan Mullen.

"Coach Mullen told me that they really wanted me up there as part of the Bulldog family," said Rankin. "They talk a lot about family and I saw that it really is like a family. It's not just talk.

"Coach Mullen said that they need me and that he really wants me to be a Bulldog. He told me that it's totally my decision and that they are not going to pressure me. He told me that if I want to be a Bulldog then I have a home there and that I have a family there."

Mullen and his staff will have to wait about 72 hours to find out if Rankin is ready to accept a spot in the Maroon and White.

"I told the coaches at Mississippi State that I need a couple more days to think about everything," said Rankin. "I am going to decide in the next couple of days and then make my decision on Wednesday.

"I am going to be picking between Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Oklahoma and probably Florida. I am not sure what I am going to do yet. I am going to take these last couple of days and see what is best for me."

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