A Q&A With MSU CB Taveze Calhoun

Gene's Page talks one-on-one with Mississippi State junior cornerback Taveze Calhoun.

What do you know about Georgia Tech's triple option offense?
"They are very hard to stop. Everybody has to do their job every play. If not, then they could have a big play. They have good athletes who can make you miss at any time and then make big plays. So, it's going to be a game where everybody has to do their job."

When you think of the triple option, you normally think running more than passing. But their passing is something that you will definitely have to deal with.
"Their passing will be different. It is kind of hard because you can get caught up in the run action because they run so much. In the pass game I think a lot of it will come down to being disciplined. Discipline is going to be the key for us."

What are your thoughts about their receivers and quarterback?
"Watching them on film, they have some big receivers who can make some plays. Their quarterback can throw pretty good, probably a lot better than people give him credit."

Since they are a triple option offense, is it more difficult to know when they are going to pass?
"Usually, they do a good job of carrying out their fakes. Because of that, you can't really get a key on that. That is why the main thing will be for everybody to do their job. You don't need to do more than what you are asked to do, just do your job, be in your gap and do your responsibility."

Because being discipline is going to be so important in the bowl game, what is going on in practice to make sure you are disciplined?
"This week we are making sure we are doing our jobs, don't worry about making a play on the other side. Make sure you have your responsibility first, then you can go try to make a play somewhere else. I wouldn't say a lot of things are slower but your reads are slower and you have to be more disciplined with your eyes. You don't play based on your instincts because you can get caught up in their fakes."

Although this is the first triple option team that you have faced in college, it's not your first time to see a triple option because you played on a team in high school that ran the triple option. How similar is it to the Georgia Tech triple option?
"It's pretty similar. It's the same thing my junior year where we were explosive and scored a lot of points. I think a lot of people got out of their gaps because they weren't disciplined. And we burned them because of that. So, playing in our offense, I know how difficult it is. That causes me to know how important it is for everybody to do their jobs. "

You also had the unique situation of being both a DB and a wide receiver in high school. So, you were able to face and play in the triple option. You should be able to help your teammates due to that, shouldn't you?
"I should but college is a lot different than high school. The athletes are much better. But I should still be able to help them because I know how difficult it is from playing in it in high school."

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