Dan Mullen Friday Practice Report

“Practice was good. I think we had a good week this week with our guys. You know the great thing with a bowl game, you get this week. We prep it that we’re going to be ready to play after practice tomorrow, that we expect it.”

“We treat it like a game week, we’re ready to go play the game, then we get to the bowl. So we’ve got time to polish it all up and be really confident in our plan. So I think we had a really good week of practice.”

Have you made any decisions on who will call plays on defense? “No, we’re going to talk about that stuff. When we get down there we’ll get all that figured out. But I mean we’ve got a great program, so I mean we’ve got good coaches who are going to get everybody in position. We’ll get everybody coached-up, you know? Heck, we had a 2.76 GPA, we’ve got a bunch of smart guys! They might not even need us around here!”

How has it been with the defensive coaches in bowl practices? “Good. I’ve spent some more time on the defensive side of the ball, just making sure I’m over there to help than offense. Just because we’re kind of heavy-loaded offensive coaches now. Normally it’s slightly tilted because I go to the offensive side. But then it gets heavier with one missing over there (on defense). So I tried to balance that out this week.”

How valuable is having experienced linebackers and defensive players, who have played a lot of football? “Like I’ve said, this is a program. You know what I mean? It’s not about a person, not about any of that stuff. The ‘Psycho Defense’ is here, it’s eleven guys on the field, that’s what we run here. The system hasn’t changed since I’ve been the head coach really. We run the same defense since I’ve been the head coach. That’s the scheme we’re going to run and that we run. So I think our guys, having some older players they’re very confident in what we do and it doesn’t matter who is out there calling it.”

Is the record GPA more impressive with all the attention? “I think it correlates. I’ve noticed that success on the field correlates with our grade point average. I mean when you look, 2.76 GPA is pretty special. That is guys taking care of business, doing what they’re supposed to do. I’m as proud of that as our team going to the Capital One Orange Bowl. I mean, our guys were champions off the field and that is really special.”

Have you reached out to anyone about defensive coordinator? “Yeah, I don’t plan on making any decision. We’re going to research it all and we’re going to get somebody who is how we’re going to do it. And get the staff organized to continue to have a great staff. I don’t expect to, we’re not going to have anybody in place before the bowl game.”

How does that work, do you keep a ‘list’ of guys and ideas just in case? “Yeah. We research it. There’s always a list of things; who is out there, who has done well, who fits our personality. Their personality has got to fit here. It’s more than just a coach, it’s someone coming in as part of our program. And they have to fit our program, is really an important thing for me.”

What is the plan for Saturday’s practice? “It’s regular Thursday practice for us. So we’ll do our regular Thursday.”

What is your schedule for next week? “My personal schedule? The coaches are all going to be done tomorrow about 2:00 or 3:00. Then for me, with the transition I’ll probably be in the office all weekend (getting) caught-up on the offensive side of the ball, making sure I’m ready to go. And hopefully I’ll be able to spend Christmas with my family.”

Dak Prescott said he got some results back from the NFL evaluations, have you talked to him about that? “Uh-huh. I haven’t heard a final decision. We just had a quick discussion of it all. But that’s something again I’m sure he’ll come a very educated, good decision.”

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