Linebacker Richie Brown Interview

Mississippi State sophomore linebacker Richie Brown Interview.

Tell me about John Haneline. He has worked with Geoff Collins for about a year at the linebacker position. What has it been like working with him since Collins has left?
"It has been pretty good. He has done really good with his job. He has handled it really well. The guys respect him as a man and as a coach. We are listening to him and doing what he says."

How did his responsibilities change once Collins left?
"It has been a big increase in responsibilities for him and he has handled it really well."

How, as a group, has the linebackers handled it?
"I think really well. We are a mature group of linebackers who know what we are doing with the defenses. We know how to execute them."

How did you find out that Collins had taken the job?
"The coaches told us that morning."

How does a coach leaving affect a team?
"We all knew that it is part of life in college football. Everybody moves on to a new job. And some people have it worse (than us). They have three or four coaches in their time in college. We've had one so far, so it is not that bad."

Have you been doing any preparation for Georgia Tech?
"Yeah, we have done a little preparation for Georgia Tech (triple option). It is a funky deal and something that we don't see everyday. We have some time to prepare for it so I think we will handle it well."

When was the last time that you have faced an option team?
"In my senior year we faced Pearl River and they were running the option. I had a pretty good game. I think I had 30 tackles."

How did you have 30 tackles in a game?
"It was high school. I was just running to the ball. That is all."

How did their option compare to the Georgia Tech option?
"It is all the same in a way. You are keying on somebody. They don't do a whole lot of stuff. You know what they are going to do. It's just a matter of executing it. And Georgia Tech executes it at a very high level."

There are several guys who have either played on an option team or played against it. Have you guys explained to the other players how important discipline is when defending the triple option?
"Oh yeah. But I think our coaches are doing a really good job of explaining what we have to look forward to with the triple option."

What happens when they pass out of the triple option?
"They suck you in with the runs on a few plays, they pound you, pound you. But you have to get them into long (yardage) situations and force them to throw. When they do the play-action pass you have to make sure your corners and safeties are ready to read that and know what is coming."

Is that a difficult offense for linebackers?
"It is. You have to know if it is a run or a pass. But we have a really good defensive scheme here that I think will work really well against them."

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