A Q&A With Justin Malone

Mississippi State junior offensive guard Justin Malone talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

What was the driving force for you to complete your four-year degree?
"My parents, really. My mom has talked about how they went to college and wished they could have finished. I am the youngest one in my family. I watched what my parents, my brother and sister went through. They have really pushed me to get my degree. I told myself that I would do it, I'll finish college. I wanted to do it for my mom but I also knew it would help me out, too."

College football is the means to an end isn't it?
"I love playing football but I understand that my body is eventually going to break down. Your body is not going to take it for your entire life. You get that degree, then you give yourself an option after football."

You just graduated. What was it like for you and your family?
"My mom didn't cry but they told me that she was crying the entire two hours they drove up here from Jackson. She was saying that her baby boy was graduation from college. It was a big deal for my family because nobody had graduated from college. Everybody had attended college but nobody had finished it."

What did you major in?

Are you in graduate school now?
"No, I'm getting a second bachelor degree in journalism."

Why journalism?
"Because writing is something that I have done since I was little. I love to write. I write stories. My brother and I used to write poetry. This is something that I truly love to do.

"I took up criminology because it is in my family. My brother even majored in criminal justice. My mom was a cop. Her mom was in the military. My cousin was a cop. In my family being in law enforcement is kind of what we do."

What are your long term plans?
"When I finish here I am going to pursue a career in football. If that doesn't work out, then I want to go into federal law enforcement.

"But if football works out, then once I finish I could go into sports writing, maybe work with some sports network, or invest in business and own my own businesses. What I want to do one day is write a book."

You are living a unique experience playing football for this year's team. What happened with this team is something that never has happened in the history of MSU football. You could write about this season from a unique perspective.
"I could. I haven't really thought about that. We are probably the best team in the history of our school. I have all of these experiences from coaching to going to meetings and everything else.

"But whatever I write about, it is my dream to write a book, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. It doesn't have to be a best-seller. I just want to write a book and get it published."

What do you want to write about?
"There are a lot of things that I could write about. I could write about my personal experiences. I could write about my experiences at Mississippi State. Or I could go into the fiction realm."

Is writing a gift or passion of yours or a combination of both of those?
"A combination. I have always been good at writing. Pretty much from the time I started school I have liked to write."

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