Joseph Takes in Starkville

Keith Joseph committed to Mississippi State long before the rush and stress of the recruiting process occurred. While many other prospects are sorting through their options, Joseph is simply waiting to put on the jersey he was born to wear. The long time Mississippi State verbal reports that his official visit was a tremendous experience for both he and his family.

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"I had a great time up there," Joseph said. "It was a great visit and I just enjoyed myself up there. I got to talk with several of the players and visit with the coaches. Coach Mullen told me to stay on top of my books and be ready to come in ready to work.

"I am just ready to finish up with my last semester of high school and get up there. I am ready to get there."

Joseph was on campus with several players he has become friends with, including a handful of players who joined him on the roster of the Mississippi All-Stars.

"It was good to see all of them again," Joseph said. "We had a good time together like we always do. We just have a good relationship and we enjoy each other's presence. We're all building a bond together."

The Bulldogs hosted a quartet of players who have not joined the Bulldogs' commitment list. Joseph reports that he had a chance to spend time with each other them.

"I didn't really do a bunch of recruiting this weekend," said Joseph. "I felt like we were all there to just enjoy ourselves and that's what I wanted to do. Where everybody goes is up to them and they have to make their own decision. I don't think anybody would want me telling them what they should do. It's not really my business. I hope they all come to Mississippi State with us, but I wasn't going to pressure anybody.

"I talked some with Leo Lewis and I think he's going to end up flipping. I think he's going to end up at a Bulldog at the end."

Joseph was able to learn more about the Mississippi State experience from his host, Dezz Harris.

"As soon as I met up with him, we just got along," said Joseph of Harris. "We had a good time and he told me about everything. He's a good guy and I liked being able to spend some time with him and the other players."

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