McLaurin Details Bulldog Official Visit

Collins do everything star Mark McLaurin took his official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend. Despite having offers to go elsewhere, McLaurin elected to stay home and represent his home state at Mississippi State. Over the course of the past two days, McLaurin has learned more about his college home.

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"I had a real good visit," McLaurin said. "Deontay Evans, #17 the safety, showed me around. He is a really nice person and he made sure I had a good time this weekend. We talked about the season and just about how everything goes up there."

Jones being paired up with McLaurin for the weekend is no accident. While McLaurin has the athleticism to play a number of positions, the three star standout looks to begin his career in the defensive backfield.

"They want me to come in and play safety," McLaurin explained. "That's fine with me and I am excited about it. I had a good time getting to know all of the other players, especially the ones on defense.

"We all had a chance to go to Coach (Dan) Mullen's house and hang out with all of the players. That was really the best part of the trip. Just being around the players makes me excited about going up there."

In less than five months time, McLaurin will undergo an evolutionary process that will take from a high school recruit to a summer school enrollee at a Southeastern Conference program. He reports that he is ready for the move.

"I am going to be up there for summer school," McLaurin explained. "Every time I go up to Mississippi State, I just feel more at home. I didn't really learn that much knew on this trip, but I just feel more excited about getting up there this summer.

"My whole family went on the trip with me. My parents and my brothers came and everybody is excited about me going up there. That means a lot to me."

McLaurin was set to visit this weekend with good friend and future teammate Jamal Peters, but due to a death in the family, Peters had to push his visit back.

"I wish we could have visited together," McLaurin said. "I missed getting to see him, but I will be seeing him. He's going to be okay and he's going to be a Bulldog. We'll get the chance to play safety together up there. I am excited about playing with him."

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