Murphy Recaps Bulldog Visit

Mississippi native Alec Murphy was able to return to his home state this past weekend in an effort to learn more about his college future at Mississippi State. While Murphy made the trip from Nixa, Missouri alone, he was among family when he hit the Mississippi State campus.

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"It was so great to be back on campus and be around the other guys again," Murphy shared. "It was good to be home and to be back near my home in Mississippi. I had such a good time and it just made me that much more excited about enrolling in June."

Murphy was shown the sights and sounds of Mississippi State by his official host, Shelby Christy.

"I really liked Shelby," said Murphy. "He is a really good guy and he let me do what I wanted to do. He told me it was my visit, so he wanted to decide where we went and things like that. He seems like a great guy to be around. He tore his ACL last year, so he's ready to get back on the field. We talked about all of that. He sort of told me what to expect."

The group of nine official visitors were able to take a tour of the campus and enjoy some of the best local cuisine. Murphy reports that the best part of his visit were the people moreso than the facilities and amenities.

"Everybody I talked to on the visit was helpful," Murphy said. "You can tell that everybody there wants you to be successful and that they are working towards helping you be the best you can be. No matter who I asked a question, they were happy to help and try to find an answer. I just loved it."

Murphy closed out his recruitment prior to the 2014 season. The three star running back does not believe he missed much when it comes to the recruiting process.

"I am happy with how I handled my recruitment," Murphy said. "You know it would probably be fun to take four or five visits to colleges. I know a lot of people did that and they are still stressing about where they are going to go and they are going to have some tough decisions to make. I made my own decision when I thought it was right. I was ready to come home and Mississippi State gave me the chance to do that.

"I guess I could have taken some trips and things like that, but I never wanted to do anything to get attention. My decision was about business and about what is best for me. I know that I made the right decision and this weekend reminded me about all of the reasons I picked Mississippi State."

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