One-on-One With Brandon Woodruff

Former Mississippi State baseball player Brandon Woodruff talks one-on-one with Gene's Page about playing for Mississippi State and playing in the minor leagues.

You've done well with the organization that drafted you, becoming one of their top prospects. What has been the main thing that has helped you become a top prospect?
"I would say getting on a routine where I knew I was going to throw every five days. And I am throwing more strikes, not walking people."

Your velocity has also increased. Has that been due to being on a set routine?
"I guess. It might have also been due to me not throwing that many innings last season (at Mississippi State). Maybe I was just getting warmed up. I really don't know."

When do you leave to start this season?
"I leave next Saturday. I go back to Arizona for spring training."

Has your organization talked to you about the path they want you to take to help you move up the pro ladder?
"They haven't just sat down and talked to me about that yet. I don't even know if they will do that."

What do they talk to you about?
"Mostly, they talk a lot about mechanics, things like that. Repeating your delivery to help you throw more strikes."

College is more personal. Pro ball is a business. How has it been different?
"It is my job. You have to take it for what it is. When you go to the field you have to do your job every day."

How did what you learn from Butch Thompson help you with your pro career?
"He helped me a lot from the maturity standpoint and also helped me become a better ball player. I feel that Butch is one of the best pitching coaches that I have been around to this point."

What makes Coach Thompson such a good pitching coach?
"It's because of the way he thinks. He is always thinking of something different to help you become a better pitcher. He comes up with ideas to help you become a better pitcher."

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