Roddy In Bulldog Mix

Defensive end Caleb Roddy has already collected a handful of early scholarship offers. With SEC programs hovering, Roddy is expecting to add to his list of options in the coming weeks. Over the course of the last month, Roddy has taken his show on the road to see both LSU and Mississippi State during their junior day events.

Caleb Roddy profile

"I had a good time at both places," Roddy said. "LSU had a great presentation and I enjoyed myself there. Mississippi State had great facilities and I loved it there too. They showed us around all of the facilities. We got to meet with the position coaches and just learn about what all they had to offer."

Roddy projects as a defensive end prospect and that appears to be his position of preference.

"I could probably play outside linebacker if I needed to in some defenses, but just about everybody is talking about me playing defensive end," The 6-5, 245 pounder said. "That's really what I want to play, but I am open to whatever helps the team."

Arizona State, Louisiana Tech, Southern Miss, Troy and Tulane have all reportedly offered Roddy a scholarship with Mississippi State talking about following suit.

"I thought Mississippi State might offer me at junior day," Roddy reported. "My coach told me that he was expecting them to offer me when I came to visit, but they didn't. I am not sure what is going to happen next with them."

The talented pass rusher reports that he will be making the rounds over the course of the next few months to learn as much as he can about the schools that are courting him to be a part of their signing class.

"I am going to a Nike camp on March 14th or 15th," Roddy said. "I am going to visit Tennessee at some point and I am going to try to get up and visit TCU too. There are a lot of places that I want to visit before I make any decisions."

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