GPTV: Ryan Gridley Feb 19th Interview

GPTV: Mississippi State true freshman infielder Ryan Gridley talks to the media, February 19, 2015.

Did the coaches tell you what your role was going to be last weekend?
"They told me that my role was just to be ready for whenever I come in and just be a great supporter of the team. And a big theme on our team is having backup. So, whenever I got my opportunity I should be a good backup to whoever is playing that position at that time."

When you got to play were you completely comfortable or did you have some butterflies?
"I think I was really comfortable when I got out there."

You have always been that way, haven't you?
"I like pressure situations."

Is that the key reason why you are so comfortable?
"Yeah, I really like pressure."

How do you think it went for you during the first weekend?
"It went well. I just try to slow the game down as much as I could. It was everything that I could imagine, seeing all those fans there. I just tried to soak it in as much as I could. I will never forget going in that first game. The role call was unbelievable. Being able to face live pitching against another team was just awesome."

Now that you have gotten your feet wet are you a little more comfortable going into this weekend?
"I feel the same that I did the first game. I just feel like everygame is the same. You just have to prepare the same way . Coach Cohen prepares us for these games. That is why I feel so comfortable in these games. They have prepared us so well."

Playing with the low-seam baseball for the first time this past weekend, did you noticed the difference in it compared to the raised-seam ball?
"I didn't notice the difference, but we hit three home runs in one game. But personally I can't tell the difference. But I'm sure the ball is going farther. But I don't really know."

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