GPTV: Preston Smith Talks MSU Pro Day

GPTV: Mississippi State senior football player Preston Smith talks about participating in MSU's NFL Pro Day, March 4, 2015.

You did some of the linebacker drills. Was that something that you wanted to do or was it something the NFL folks asked you to do?
"Kind of both. Teams asked me to do it and I wanted to do it to help myself, help make me more marketable to the teams that are here."

Matthew Wells ran a 4.41 forty. What does that do for him from a linebacker perspective?
"That is great. That shoots him up the board, from someone who can play outside in space and move that fast. I thought he was a 4.4 but I heard that he ran a 4.3 at one point. We always knew he was fast. We just wanted everybody else to know he is fast."

What is next for you?
"I will go on team visits and workouts throughout this process. I have talked to my agents and I have to work out for some teams."

What is more difficult, the on the field stuff or the team interviews?
"I think the on the field stuff is kind of hard. You know what to expect in the interviews. But when you come on the field you don't know what to expect."

Have any teams shown you some early interest?
"I really haven't talked to anyone. I am waiting for the process to get over with."

What are teams telling you that they like and don't like about your game?
"My size for one thing. A lot of teams like my size and how quick I am off of the ball, how I use my explosiveness on the field."

Is there some pride for guys like you and Benardrick (McKinney), guys who weren't super recruits but have gone through the system and now could be first round picks?
"We kind of had a chip on our shoulders when we first came in. We talked about not being highly recruited by teams and how Mississippi State gave us a chance. They gave us a good opportunity and we made the best of it. We want to show that it is not the stars who make a player but your heart and hard work and what you put into it. The stars don't mean anything other than you were the best players in high school. Then when you get here you have to perform and the stars don't mean anything once you step on the field."

What advice did Deontae Skinner and Gabe Jackson give to you about this process?
"Just go out and kill it."

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