GPTV: Kaleb Eulls Talks MSU Pro Day

GPTV: Mississippi State senior football player Kaleb Eulls talks about participating in MSU's NFL Pro Day, March 4, 2015.

What are your thoughts about your Pro Day?
"We had good preparation to come out here for Pro Day. It was great, a wonderful experience."

What did the guys who went to the combine tell you?
"Don't be nervous because you have worked all season long and during the offseason for this moment. There is no reason to be nervous. I was kind of nervous at the beginning, but I had those guys who have gone through the process to tell me what to expect."

What were some of the things they told you to expect?
"They told me to be well rested and be hydrated. Be calm and not make it more than it is."

Are you getting much interaction with teams?
"I am hearing a lot but I would like to keep it (under wraps) right now."

You did 26 reps on the bench. Were you expecting that?
"I was expecting that. All you can do is work hard for that one moment. And that is what I tried to do, prepare myself for it."

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