Pro Day: Malcolm Johnson

As the drills ended and the crowds left the Palmerio Center, Mississippi State tight end Malcolm Johnson visited with his agent and a pair of pro scouts. Talk of the impending winter storm was part of those conversations, but that small talk played second fiddle to visit talk and feedback from scouts about helping his stock as a pro prospect.

Malcolm Johnson is an interesting figure on the Mississippi State roster. Johnson was recruited as an X wide receiver by former Bulldog assistant Mark Hudspeth. Even now, five years later Johnson smiles when talking of Hudspeth and credits the current head coach at Louisiana-Lafayette for bringing him to Mississippi State.

Johnson "outgrew" the receiver position and became a top pass catcher as a tight end in the Dan Mullen offense. A last minute scoring grab against Tennessee has likely etched Johnson's name into Bulldog lore.

Now the Tuscaloosa, Alabama native is looking to springboard from his career at Mississippi State to a shot at the NFL.

"It went well," Johnson said of Wednesday's pro day. "I trained hard and I prepared myself. A lot of people asked me if I was nervous, but I was really more anxious than nervous. I knew I prepared myself, so I could go home today and have no regrets."

A dependable pass catching option across the middle and down the field, Johnson has raised a few eyebrows from pro scouts looking for players who can create mismatches.

"It is always good to be complimented on you craft," Johnson said. "I know a lot of those guys are just doing their job by giving good feedback, but it is good to hear all of that. It makes you want to work harder and you also see that your hard work is being noticed. It was good to be complimented. I feel like I was being rewarded for all of the hard work I have put into this."

Finding the right offensive system will be a big part of things for Johnson who is not your traditional attached tight end who serves as an extra offensive tackle.

"When they ask me about positions, I tell them I am a hybrid," Johnson shared. "I tell them hybrid, full back, H back and tight end. I have always been the type that if you ask me to do something, I am going to give 110%. I know this is all going to be a big transition, but I feel like it's something I can do."

After spending some time away from Starkville to prepare for the NFL draft, Johnson enjoyed being back "home" and reconnecting with former teammates.

"I am not sure I really understood the value of all of this until I came back yesterday," Johnson admitted. "I have been in Florida training. When I got back yesterday, I told all of the guys that I really missed them. Sometimes we take for granted all of the little things. I missed all of the characters and all of the personalities. When you see each other everyday, you take that for granted.

"Now that we've been gone away from each other, it has really hit me hard. I really miss those guys and a lot of them said the same things. This is a family. That is one thing I can tell you for sure about Mississippi State, it is a family. We may spend some time apart from each other, but we are still family. It was good to get back though and see some of those old faces and just laugh together again."

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