CoachSpeak: Keshon Heard

Hamilton High standout Keshon Heard is a name of intrigue for many who follow recruiting in the state of Mississippi. Heard made a name for himself the past two spring on the combine and camp tour by turning in some blistering times in the 40 yard dash. Hamilton Head coach Ray Weeks reports that there is a lot more to Heard than just some quality foot speed.

Keshon Heard profile

"He came to us in junior high and he's developed a great work ethic," Weeks said of Heard. "He works hard. He comes in during the summer and works with the weights in our off season program.

"Just watching him mature and watching his development has been a real plus. He still has a ways to go, but he has come a long way."

With his speed and skill set, Heard has the potential to break through as a pass catcher or pass defender on the college level. Weeks believes Heard will see his first snaps in the defensive secondary.

"I think he will probably play safety in college," Weeks said. "With his speed, he can cover sideline to sideline and over the top and he can get downhill. He's a good tackler and with his size that's where I kind of envision him."

Heard is a three sport athlete at Hamilton earning letters in basketball, football and track. Weeks' believes the year round athletic approach has benefited Heard's development.

"In basketball, they do a lot of drills that help his footwork," Weeks said. "They keep him in shape and of course in track he does a lot of running. In track, they build a lot of intestinal fortitude. It's you and the track out there sometimes.

"I feel like all of that has helped him speed wise and his explosiveness. I think it all just sort of comes together. I think you need to experience all of those different sports. It just makes you an all around better athlete."

Off of the court, field and track, Heard is considered a model citizen and a solid student by all who come in contact with him in the hallways of Hamilton High.

"He's a good kid," Weeks said. "He's friendly and he's friends with everybody. Everybody likes him and the get along with him. He is not a problem. He does his work. He's just a good student and a good athlete."

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