Prescott OK After Assault At Beach Party

Sometimes that truism about stars always living in the public eye becomes painfully true.

Dak Prescott learned an unexpected aspect to his celebrity Monday. Social media blew up in the evening with reports, shown to be correct, that Mississippi State’s All-SEC quarterback had been assaulted along with teammates Damian Williams and Torrey Dale.

Prescott and friends were in Panama City Beach for spring break, attending an afternoon concert. There they were confronted by a group of five young men, based on observers and apparently confirmed by social media video clips made incredibly by the self-proclaimed culprits.

The consensus of reports is that Prescott turned to leave when at least some of this fivesome, who were aware who the three Bulldogs were, attacked. Prescott was struck in the head by a bottle and then kicked while on the ground, reports and video show. A post-fight photo reveals a swollen and cut bruise under the right eye, with contusions and some bleeding on his back.

Williams and Dale apparently suffered no injuries. All three left the coast soon after and were en route to campus together.

Prescott himself took to social media to ease the worst fears of family and friends. Around 10:15 he posted on Twitter “Thanks for all the Concerns and Prayers! I’m okay and ready to get back to Starkville. Ignorance happens! Be safe on Spring Break!”

As strange as the story already was, the bizarre level leaped when those supposed attackers went on social media to boast about what they claimed to have done. A photograph of five young men began circulating almost immediately, which should certainly help authorities in identifying any or all.

Steve Robertson of contacted the Panama City Beach police office, which reported no arrest has been made. The office is aware of the social media ‘confessions’ of the attackers, and they also understand the high profile of Prescott their victim and are giving this case special attention. Of course tourist economy-areas are quick to take care of such incidents during this time of the year when spring break students are in town.

Mississippi State football and campus officials are not over-reacting though. No MSU students currently in the P.C.B. area will be asked to return to home or campus, including any athletes there.

Prescott already had one odd, and fortunately less scary, incident in his college career. It came even before he’d gained any varsity attention. Two years ago an unidentified person on campus approached Prescott and kicked him in the leg, without warning or explanation, and ran away. Prescott was too startled to do anything at the moment and it became a minor joke for a while.

This equally-unprovoked encounter was no laughing matter. It also cuts short a holiday Prescott and friends could have put to better use than dealing with unwelcome attention. Spring football practice at Mississippi State begins a week from Wednesday.

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