CoachSpeak: Brieton Sykes

Brieton Sykes made the move to running back as a junior. The season ended with the talented Sykes leading Calhoun City into the state championship game. The position change has proved to be a good move for all involved, but Calhoun City head coach Perry Liles believes the best is yet to come for his talented super star.

Brieton Sykes profile

"He stated off as a cornerback in the ninth grade and then moved to receiver. He really did that his ninth and tenth grade year," Liles said of Sykes. "He can be a punter, he can long snap, he can play quarterback and he can kick field goals for us. He's our long field goal kicker as a matter of fact. This year, he will probably be our field goal kicker.

"He can do it all. I pick at him and tell him that when he gets tough enough, he can even play linebacker for us."

Sykes appears to be maturing as a citizen and as a football player as he enters the final spring practice sessions of his high school career.

"He has really grown as a person," Liles said. "His tenth grade year, he got ejected in the north half state championship game. As a result, he didn't get to go to the state championship game. That really changed him and we talked about all of that.

"I am kind of like Lou Holtz when it comes to all of that. You expect have some problems out of your ninth graders, a few problems out of tenth graders, no problems out of our juniors and our seniors solve problems.

"Brieton really fits that well. As good as he has become a better running back, he has become an even better person with the way he does things. I really think that is where he has grown the most."

As the preparations for the 2015 season begin, Liles has high expectations of Sykes.

"People always think his speed is not very good," Liles stated. "The truth of the matter is that he outruns people on the football field. He played against Bruce and Jay Johnson didn't run him down and Jay Johnson run the 100 meters this year in 2 A track.

"He runs hard between the tackles, but like he would tell you, he needs to attack harder down hill. He has such good moves, I understand why he runs around people instead of through them. If he can improve on both of those things this year, then we are going to have a fine football player here."

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