CoachSpeak: Grenada Chargers

Grenada has become a popular stop for college recruiters. The Chargers have seen some of their most talented player move on to the D1 level. The talent pool is far from drained as GHS has a trio of talented prospects receiving major college interest. Head football coach Ashley Kuhn was eager to share his thoughts about his next crop of football prospects.

A pair of rising seniors, Davarius Bridges and Tyrus Black look to be the top two 2016 targets, while Black's younger brother, C.J. Avery, is expected to be a 2017 headliner in the Magnolia State.

Here is what their head coach has to share about their potential on the next level.

Tyrus Black - "Tyrus is a kid we feel like could play four of five different positions. He is very talented and very versatile. He's played defensive end, he's played linebacker, he's played tight end, he's played H-back, fullback and receiver. I feel like he has a tremendous skill set. He is a little under the radar, because he has played out of position. He's played various positions over the last two years. I feel like this move to H-Back is going to be good for him. I feel like it's his natural position. I think he will flourish there. I am looking to have a good summer on the camp circuit with him. I think he's a guy who is going to get some real looks from people as he gets out there and performs this summer."

Davrius Bridges - "D.B. is a kid that I think has a lot of potential. He has good size. He's about 5-10, 195 and I think he can put on 10 to 15 to 20 pounds. He's strong and he runs real well. He had a very good summer on the camp circuit last year. He ran a great time over in Starkville and they (Mississippi State) started recruiting him there. He's big, he's strong and he's physical. He does not avoid contact. If you watch a lot of his films, you see him look for people to hit. He's a physical runner and he's a finisher, especially down near the goal line. He runs well behind his pads and is tough to tackle. He has breakaway speed too. His 40 times will surprise you. A lot of people look at him as just a straight ahead pounder, but he has the ability to make you miss and he has the ability to run away from you too."

C.J. Avery - "C.J. is a kid that we are very excited about. We actually pulled him up as a ninth grader and started him in 6A football. He started eight games as a true freshman in this league. I think he had five or six interceptions. He had a great year and then came back and started every game as a sophomore. He played a couple of different positions last year as a ninth grader as a free safety. He got on the field last year as a free safety and he played some outside backer and some inside backer. He is very versatile and the great body size. Right now, we're probably going to play him as an outside linebacker, but he is still versatile enough to play free safety or strong safety. He is a kid with a tremendous work ethic. He lives it and he does it every day. He works at it. He's got a body you can add weight and he still runs way. He's getting a lot of attention already and we feel like he's going to be a highly recruited guy by the time he gets done."

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