Where Will They Line Up For First Spring Day?

For once, forecast of bad weather is a good thing for Bulldog fans. It means spring practices begin a day early at Mississippi State.

The last time fans got to watch Coach Dan Mullen’s team practice on campus, it was mid-December and the 2014 Bulldogs were preparing for the Orange Bowl. Three months later it will be a different team taking the field for spring camp. How different?

Well, that is why we watch. Much of the first-day attention will be on who lines up where of course, and that will be reported in the evening practice wrap-up. But purely for what our high school teachers called ‘compare and contrast’ here is where the returning Bulldogs practiced in December. In a few obvious cases (the offensive line and wide receivers) it was multiple positions.

This is by no means a ‘prediction’ depth chart so relax. It’s just as stated, where guys spent most December time working and in what order back then. Not today. The names include official 2015 class, number of letters so far, and 2014 games played-games started. A * means an injured player before or during last season whose status remains uncertain for spring. If a player is not on the most recent roster (Brandon Wells?) he is not listed here either.

And no, we didn’t bother with all walk-ons who worked in December, just the leading candidates.

QUARTERBACK: Dak Prescott SR-3L 13-13; Damian Williams JR-2L Nick Fitzgerald FR-RS; Elijah Staley FR-RS.

RUNNING BACK: Ashton Shumpert JR-2L 12-0; Brandon Holloway JR-2L 13-0; Dontavian Lee FR-RS; Aeris Williams FR-RS. Spring Addition: Malik Dear FR-HS

TIGHT END: Darrion Hutcherson SR-1L 13-0; B.J. Hammond SO-SQ 2-0.

SLOT TIGHT END: Gus Walley JR-1L 12-0.

SLOT WIDE RECEIVER: Gabe Myles SO-1L 13-3; Jamoral Graham SO-1L 9-0. Spring Addition: Donald Gray JR-TR, Malik Dear FR-HS

WIDE RECEIVER: Fred Ross JR-2L 13-2; Joe Morrow SR-2L 13-0; *Shelby Christy SO-RS.

WIDE RECEIVER: De’Runnya Wilson JR-2L 12-10; Fred Brown JR-2L 13-2; Jesse Jackson FR-RS; Spring Addition Deddrick Thomas FR-HS.

LEFT TACKLE: Cole Carter JR-1L 11-0, Elgton Jenkins FR-RS; Ronald Cochran FR-RS. Spring Addition: Martinas Rankin JR-TR

LEFT GUARD: Justin Malone SR-2L 12-11; Jamaal Clayborn JR-2L 4-0; Kent Flowers SO-1L 6-0.

CENTER: Devon Desper JR-2L 11-2; Deion Calhoun FR-RS; Jamaal Clayborn JR-2L 4-0; Nick Proby SR-SQ 1-0.

RIGHT GUARD: Devon Desper JR-2L 11-2; Jake Thomas SO-1L 2-0.

RIGHT TACKLE: Justin Senior JR-2L 13-13; Rufus Warren SR-2L 13-0; Jocquell Johnson JR-SQ. Not Available for spring: Damien Robinson SR-3L 0-0.

DEFENSIVE END: A.J. Jefferson JR-2L 13-0; Will Coleman JR-TR. Spring Addition: Jonathan Calvin JR-TR.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: Chris Jones JR-2L 13-0; Cory Thomas FR-RS.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: Nelson Adams JR-2L 13-0; Nick James JR-2L 13-0; Braxton Hoyette FR-RS.

DEFENSIVE END: Ryan Brown SR-3L 13-12; Torrey Dale JR-1L 11-0; Grant Harris FR-RS.

MIDDLE LINEBACKER: Richie Brown JR-2L 13-0; Gerri Green FR-RS; Kelan Chairs SO-1L 7-0.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER: Beniquez Brown JR-2L 13-12; Deandre Ward JR-1L 13-0; *Dezmond Harris SO-1L 6-0

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER: Zach Jackson SR-3L; J.T. Gray SO-1L 6-0; Quadry Antoine 9-0 JR-SQ.

SAFETY: Deontay Evans JR-2L 13-2; Kivon Coman JR-2L 13-0; *Kendrick Market SR-3L 12-4

SAFETY: Kivon Coman JR-2L 13-0; Brandon Bryant FR-RS; Zac Neary FR-RS.

LEFT CORNERBACK: Will Redmond SR-2L 12-0; Cedric Jiles JR-1L 0-0; Tolando Cleveland JR-2L 13-0.

RIGHT CORNERBACK: Taveze Calhoun SR-3L 13-13; Jahmere Irvin-Sills SO-1L 9-0; Chris Rayford FR-RS

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