Opening Day Spring Practice Depth Chart

When the 2015 Bulldogs got busy with Tuesday practices, they answered lots of winter speculation. Such as promotions to open spots, off-season changes in positions, spring time experiments, as well as injury status. The result: our first and entirely unofficial Spring Depth Chart!

This first-practice chart is notable for a few missing Mississippi State names, or at least names of Dogs sidelined for health or other internal team issues. A short and partial list of those not practicing Tuesday included QB Damian Williams and QB Elijah Staley (Coach Dan Mullen said the latter is 'out' for all spring); WR De'Runnya Wilson, S Kendrick Market, LB Dezmond Harris, and more.

More positive news on this front was the return to work of CB Cedric Jiles, WR Shelby Christy, and most interestingly OT Damien Robinson. His status is explained in better detail by Mullen in the posted transcript. Suffice to say, it is too early to have Robinson in the 2015 season plans.

This chart will be updated over the course of spring ball, not every day maybe but often enough. For now, compare this to the 2014 bowl camp chart. And enjoy!

There is only one other practice this week, Friday at 3:20.

RIGHT TACKLE Justin Senior, Martinas Rankin, Ronald Cochran

RIGHT GUARD Devon Desper, Deion Calhoun, Jake Thomas

CENTER Jamaal Clayborn, Jocquell Johnson, Nick Proby

LEFT GUARD Justin Malone, Kent Flowers, Michael Story

LEFT TACKLE Rufus Warren, Damien Robinson, Cole Carter, Elgton Jenkins

TIGHT END Darrion Hutcherson, Rashun Dixon, Aaron Hammaker

SLOT TIGHT END/RECEIVER Gus Walley, Fred Brown, Malik Dear

SLOT RECEIVER Fred Ross, Gabe Myles, Shelby Christy

WIDE RECEIVER Fred Brown, Jesse Jackson, Kareem Vance

WIDE RECEIVER Joe Morrow, Deddrick Thomas, Donald Gray

QUARTERBACK Dak Prescott, Nick Fitzgerald, Josiah Phillips (sidelined Damian Willliams, Elijah Staley)

RUNNING BACK Ashton Shumpert, Brandon Holloway, Dontavian Lee, Aeris Williams

LEFT DEFENSIVE END Ryan Brown, Torrey Dale, Grant Harris

LEFT TACKLE Chris Jones, Nick James, Lawrence Brown

RIGHT TACKLE Nelson Adams, Cory Thomas, Braxton Hoyette

RIGHT DEFENSIVE END A.J. Jefferson, Will Coleman, Jonathan Calvin. #92 walkon

MIDDLE LINEBACKER Richie Brown, Gerri Green, Kelan Chairs

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER Beniquez Brown, Deandre Ward, J.T. Gray (sidelined Dezmond Harris)

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER Zach Jackson, Quadry Antoine, #10 walkon

SAFETY Deontay Evans, Jahmere Irvin-Sills, #36 walkon (sidelined Kendrick Market)

SAFETY Kivon Coman, Brandon Bryant, Zak Neary

LEFT CORNERBACK Will Redmond, Tolando Cleveland, Chris Rayford, Boderick Oliver

RIGHT CORNERBACK Cedric Jiles, Tolando Cleveland, Jamoral Graham, Brandon Davis (sidelined Taveze Calhoun)

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