Stamps Eager For Bulldog Future

Nearly six weeks ago, Chris Stamps put pen to paper and made his decision to be a Mississippi State Bulldog official. Ranked as the Magnolia State's top corner for the 2015 class, Stamps' arrival in Starkvile is highly anticipated. With the paperwork for the recruiting process now behind him, Stamps is ready to realize an SEC football future.

Chris Stamps profile

"After signing day, I still had a couple of weeks of basketball left," Stamps said. "Once we got through with the season, I decided to take a couple of weeks off and let me body heal. I have been either playing football or basketball since before the school year started. I felt like the time off would do me some good."

Now that Stamps has enjoyed some down time, he is ready to get back at it full time as he prepares to enroll at Mississippi State in time for summer school.

"This past week was really my first week getting back at it, but this week I am going to be going at it pretty hard," Stamps said. "I am on the Mississippi State workout and it's pretty good. It's nothing real challenging, but it's work. I know it's nothing like what we're going to see when we get up there. There just giving us a little taste of what is to come."

With the dust has settled for the class of 2015, Stamps has been able to take an inventory of what he is now a part of.

"I feel like we have a great signing class," Stamps said. "We all get along good and we're all friends. I have always been pretty close with Justin Johnson and all of the in state guys all know each other. We all have a pretty good bond. I feel like we have all of the top players in Mississippi coming to Mississippi State. Pretty much everybody in the state in our class signed with Mississippi State."

Summer school enrollment begins in June. Stamps is eager to get there and get to work with his new teammates.

"I am ready to go," Stamps said. "I think everybody is. Once we get done with graduation, we'll be up there and getting to work. I am excited about our class and all of the things we can do. We're going to get up there and work hard and do all we can to being a National Championship to Mississippi State."

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