Rick Ray Statement To MSU Community

Included is a statement from former Mississippi State head men's basketball coach to the Mississippi State community.

I talked to Rick Ray earlier Saturday night. He asked me to post to my forums this statement from him to the Mississippi State community.

"I am saddened by the events today. Not for myself but for the players who have sacrificed their bodies and mind for me and the program; for the signed and committed recruits who have to go through a coaching change after taking SO much time and effort to make an educated decision about what is best for them and their future and choosing me as their next coach, mentor, and role model but now have to go through the gut wrenching process again; for my staff who worked tirelessly to hold our players accountable, to develop our players on and off the court, to recruit true student-athletes who hold up to my high standard as human beings and citizens, and for their undying loyalty to me and Mississippi State.

"But a decision has been made and I want to thank Dr. Keenum and Scott Stricklin for giving me the opportunity to lead their program. I want to thank the athletic administration and coaches, especially John Cohen, Dan Mullen and Vic Schaefer for all of their help and support. The high school and AAU coaches in this area who have welcomed me and my staff with open arms and have been a complete pleasure to deal with and I am thankful for that. And most importantly the Mississippi State community, alums, fans and former players for being SO kind to me and my family and making us feel at home and at peace."

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