Stricklin Scores With Howland Hiring

The athletic director was smiling, and with good reason. Scott Stricklin got his man.

After presenting Ben Howland as Mississippi State’s basketball coach, Stricklin could sit back and enjoy it all. Not just what Howland told everyone assembled for his formal introduction, but the reaction of a happy and at times raucous crowd.

That reaction said that once again Humphrey Coliseum will be the home of competitive basketball…and with seats occupied. If the A.D. had been able, he might even have begun selling tickets for the 2015-16 season.

In this interview Stricklin talks about the fast hiring process, which allowed State to grab Howland before the post-season market got tight. And, that Howland will sign a four-year contract paying $2.05 million per annum.

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