Pearson Talks MSU Commitment

West Monroe (LA) High School class of 2017 outfielder Jacob Pearson, one of the top 60 players in the class of 2017, talks about his commitment to Mississippi State baseball.

  • Name: Jacob Pearson
  • Classification: 2017
  • Position: Outfielder
  • Ht: Wt: 6-foot-0, 185
  • Bats-Throws: L-R
  • High School: West Monroe (LA) High School
  • Schools of Interest: Committed to Mississippi State over Louisiana Tech, LSU, Ole Miss, Southern Miss

    "I called Coach Ming (MSU assistant coach Nick Mingione) and he was shocked when I told him that I was committing," said Pearson. "He said that it was awesome. I was speechless. I was all smiles. I'm still all smiles about it. Mississippi State is a big-time school. And I can't believe that I have this type opportunity."

    He explained why he decided to commit so early in his high school career.

    "I decided to commit because I knew that was the place that I wanted to be," said the talented outfielder. "And my parents said if that is the place that I want to be at, then go ahead and do it. And I did it."

    This was not a quick decision. Pearson has had Mississippi State on his mind for a number of years.

    "In my 7th grade year we were trying to figure out my path and what career I wanted to do," said Pearson. "I was big into Civil Engineering. My granddad was a Civil Engineer, so I was going to follow in his footsteps. I wanted to go to an SEC school, so I started doing research on engineering and Mississippi State had the best engineering (program) in the SEC. I was like this is my team.

    The Mississippi State coaching staff became aware of Pearson and decided to recruit him at the beginning of his 9th grade season.

    "Last year, my freshman year, we played a scrimmage before the start of the season. It was the first high school game that I had ever played and I did good in that game. After the game my coach said that Coach Ming had called him and said that he wanted to talk to me. I was like wow, this is awesome. This is the school that I want to go to."

    Pearson made the call to Coach Mingione and the recruiting process began.

    "I called him and he said that he had heard that I had a good game and that he wanted to get me up to Mississippi State and meet me and my family, show me around campus," said Person. "We went up there and he showed us around campus. And I fell in love with the place. Then, he told me to keep him posted. And we have talked about every week until the end of baseball season. Then, we talked about once or twice in the off-season."

    The relationship between Pearson and Mississippi State became very strong during this period.

    "We built a great relationship," said Pearson. "Their entire program is awesome. The campus is awesome, the baseball program is awesome. And their staff is probably the best staff that you could ask for."

    Pearson took another unofficial visit to Mississippi State last weekend. That visit sealed the deal for him.

    "I went up to Mississippi State this past Sunday and I told myself this is the only place that I want to go," said Pearson, the number 56th ranked player in the class of 2017. "It is difficult to look somewhere else when you already know what you want. Mississippi State was my place. I have nothing against any of the other schools. I just had built a very strong relationship with Mississippi State. The campus was beautiful and the education that they offered was exactly what I wanted. It was the only place that I wanted to be."

    Pearson had other opportunities from other top baseball programs.

    "The only two schools that I (unofficially) visited were Mississippi State and LSU, but I had other school talking to me - Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Louisiana Tech and Southeastern Louisiana," he said. "A couple of schools were ready to get me to their campus and offer me, Ole Miss and Southern Miss. Actually, LSU, too. I was interested but Mississippi State was where I wanted to be. I thought it wasn't right (to visit) because I am going to Mississippi State."

    It was particularly difficult to turn down LSU since he grew up a fan of theirs during his early years.

    "I was a fan of LSU growing up but after I did my research in the 7th grade, Mississippi State had a better education opportunity for what I wanted to do," said Pearson, who has a 4.0 gp and a 23 on his act. "Education is very important to me because you never know if you might get hurt in sports and your career is over. You have to have a backup plan. Your backup plan needs to be as strong as your primary plan."

    In addition to an outstanding student, Mississippi State will also get an outstanding athlete who hits really well.

    "Two of my strengths are definitely my running (6.6 60-yard dash) and my hitting," said Pearson. "Hitting-wise, I am a double, triple, home run kind of hitter. I have plenty of home run power but when you try to hit home runs you are likely to pop up. So, I try to hit the ball on a line and the home runs will come."

    As a freshman, Pearson hit .300 with 4 home runs and 30 RBI. He is currently hitting .400 with 1 home run and 25 RBI in 18 games so far this season.

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