A Q&A With Senior DE Ryan Brown

A one-on-one Q&A with Mississippi State senior defensive end Ryan Brown.

You are going into your senior season. What kind of leadership role are you trying to take this season?
"I'm trying to take what I know and pass it on to the young guys, try to elevate their game as well so that we can all play on the same fast level."

What is like knowing that you are now about to go into your senior season?
"It feels like it went by real quick. It has been four years and it was the fastest four years of my life. But I am really looking forward to this year. We are going to do some really special things this year."

In sports, teammates come and go. How do you deal with that on a season by season basis?
"It is a special bond and we do miss the presence and voices of guys like Benardrick (McKinney), Preston (Smith) and (Kaleb) Eulls. They were a big part of the team leadership. But we have people stepping up like (redshirt freshman) Gerri Green."

What are your thoughts about Green?
"A guy like Gerri is a guy that you don't have to worry about all the time off of the field. You kind of deal with him in a different way because he is going to be a future leader. And he plays as if he is a leader right now. That is why I like him. The second team, or the Bs, follow behind him. He brings intensity every day. I'm ready to see what he does next season. He is going to have a special year."

Who are some of the younger defensive guys that you like so far?
"I'm liking GG (Gerri Green). On the D-line I am really excited about Torrey Dale. It is a different Torrey Dale than I have seen before. I went to middle school with T (Torrey). I have never seen him play like this. He is ready to get some snaps."

What do you like about Torrey?
"He is a better pass-rusher. He is more physical. He is acting older, acting more like a leader. He is stepping up in places that he didn't last year. I am really excited on what I am seeing right now."

Did you see that coming from Torrey?
"Yeah, he and I are close friends. And we would come over here on Saturdays. He would text me before I texted me and tell me that we needed some extra work. We would come here Saturday morning and do some D-line drills. Him doing that helps me because I see that we have another leader on the D-line. He'll also pull other people here, not just defensive players. It has been a real cool thing seeing him grow up and maturing his game."

What is the difference between you now and this time last year?
"Leadership is something that I need to take on. I am the senior on the defense. And I am ready to take on the leadership role and help the younger guys improve."

How have you been trying to help the redshirt freshmen defensive linemen?
"I am trying to guide them. I take time on my Saturday and come up here and try to help them. Last Saturday, we met as a defensive line and went over the playbook. It was all 16 of us. And that will pay off on the Saturdays that count. That is what we are looking forward to."

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