Morris Holds In State Trifecta

Jeriko Morris recently added a fourth star to his recruiting resume. The soft spoken Morris does his best talking on the field. There is a lot of interest in the Crystal Springs superstar who is the Tigers' top college prospect since Bobby Neal took the Crystal Springs' snaps a decade ago. Morris is now looking to make some big things happen over the course of his senior season.

Jeriko Morris profile

Morris reportedly has offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Southern Miss. A pair of those schools appear to be setting the recruiting pace in the early going.

"I am hearing the most from Mississippi State and Southern Miss," Morris said. "Those are pretty much the main two right now."

Last summer, Morris camped at Mississippi State and Ole Miss among others. In 2015, Morris' travels have been rather limited.

"I have been over to Southern Miss and that's pretty much been it," Morris said. "I am supposed to be going to Mississippi State's spring game."

When asked about relationships and college coaches, one name appears to be standing out.

"I have talked some with Coach (Tony) Hughes at Mississippi State," Morris said. "He is always talking to me about my grades and making sure I get all of my work done. He seems like a good coach."

Morris reports that he has not set a time frame for a decision or a list of favorites.

"I am just keeping everybody even right now," Morris said. "I am not sure when I am going to make a decision. I just don't know."

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