A Q&A With RB Aeris Williams

A Q&A with Mississippi State redshirt freshman running back Aeris Williams.

What is the competition like between you and fellow redshirt freshman running back Dontavian Lee?
"The competition is like it is with every other running back, we just try to get better and try to get each other better. We just go out there and compete and try to score touchdowns like they want us to."

How do you and Lee try to help each other?
"We make sure we try to stay on top of each other about things such as going to class, going to practice. We don't want to be late because Coach Knox will go off on you if you are late."

You are Lee are very similar in personalities. Neither one of you are big talkers, are you?
"No, we are a lot like each other. I don't talk much because I don't base things off of my talking but off of my actions."

How has a veteran like Ashton Shumpert helped you?
"He helps me with the plays and the protections, really everything. He and (Brandon) Holloway and Coach Knox have taught me everything."

Dak calls you and Lee Thunder and Lightning. Do you have a nickname you prefer to go by?
"We call ourselves the Bang Bros but everybody else calls us Thunder and Lightning."

Are you the Thunder?
"No, I'm lightning."

How did you come up with the name the Bang Brothers?
"It came off a song by Lil Durk. It is the name of the song. We call ourselves that because we have the mic every time we go out there."

What are your expectations for yourself going into this coming season?
"My expectations for this year is learning all of the plays, learning the right protections, holding on to the ball."

How much did the redshirt year help you get adjusted to the college game?
"The redshirt year helped me a lot because it helped me realize that college ball is a lot quicker than high school ball. I learned that I would have to make my cuts a lot faster and get my pads low because guys are a lot bigger than in high school."

What were some things that you had to pick up once you got here?
"The (pass) protections."

How much did your body improve during the course of your redshirt freshman year?
"I got a lot stronger and a lot faster. I gained something like 13 pounds."

How happy have you been with your decision to play for Mississippi State?
"I am happy that I came here because it is real family based. They want you to become a man on and off the field."

How exciting is this spring considering you know you will be playing next season and not redshirting?
"I am excited. I was excited last year, too, because I knew I was going to get better. This year it is a little different because I will be playing."

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